Vaccination and Surveillance for HPAI in Poultry: Current Situation and Perspectives

Oct 22nd, 2024Oct 23rd, 2024

In the wake of the World Organization for Animal Health’s (WOAH) Animal Health Forum, held during WOAH’s General Session in May 2023, and the IABS October 2022 workshop on HPAI, WOAH and IABS are announcing a follow-up meeting in October 2024: Vaccination and Surveillance for HPAI in poultry: Current situation and perspectives.

This workshop is intended to discuss how to implement surveillance in vaccinated populations and all further aspects touching HPAI vaccination.

The workshop will be reviewing all the existing data with participation by a wide variety of stakeholders (WHO, OFFLU, FAO, WTO, governments, poultry breeding and biological companies, animal welfare organizations, human health, scientists, etc.) and will be concluded by a panel establishing recommendations.

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