Cherkizovo introduces new line of ready-to-cook chicken products

CherkizovoGroup has launched a unique line of ready-to-cook chilled chicken products thatcan be prepared in a steamer or slow cooker.

Russian meat and poultry company Cherkizovo Group has launched unique line of ready-to-cook chilled chicken products that can be prepared in a steamer or slow cooker. The new products, under Cherkizovo’s Petelinka brand, are designed for consumers who prefer healthy food and natural taste.

Consumers can choose from a wide range of healthy meals prepared from chilled poultry meat, including chicken patties, chicken patties with cheese and spinach, chicken croquettes with tomatoes or cheese, chicken rissoles, chicken patties with broccoli, fillets with vegetables, and chicken meatballs with tomatoes and cheese.

Each product perfectly combines three components: Cherkizovo’s traditional quality, a balanced mix of products without high-fat, high-calorie ingredients, and low salt content. Steamed chilled chicken meals turn out juicy and really appetizing. They retain most water-soluble minerals and vitamins, preserve the flavor of fresh products, and capture the true original taste, the company stated.

In commenting on the launch of the new Petelinka product line, Alexander Kostikov, head of communications of Cherkizovo Group, said: “We always aim to make products that are both delicious and as healthy as possible for the consumer. That’s why our experts have chosen the finest ingredients and created unique recipes. The special packaging also helps distinguish the Healthy Eating line from other Petelinka products on store shelves. It’s brighter and has a detailed description of the health benefits of steamed food and the product’s ingredients without using E-components. We’re confident that our customers will enjoy the new products.”

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