Kristian Hundebøll stepping down as CEO of DLG Group

COO Jesper Pagh will serve as interim CEO, effective September 1.

Kristian Hundebøll
Kristian Hundebøll

Having filled the position as Group CEO for the past 12 years, Kristian Hundebøll is leaving the DLG Group by the end of August. A process has initiated to find his replacement.

To ensure long-term executive direction, Chairman of the Board Niels Dengsø Jensen and Hundebøll have for some time been discussing when it would be the right time for a change in leadership. 

They have concluded that the time is right, since the DLG Group is well into the new strategy period and is about to enter the next key phase of the development of the company. Consequently, they have agreed that Hundebøll will step down from his current position, with effect from August 31. 

”Thanks to Kristian’s leadership, the strategic focus and results of the business have been significantly strengthened. I would like to thank Kristian for his competent leadership and important contributions to steering the company into its current strong position. DLG has made a major leap during Kristian’s leadership, and we would like to maintain that development. Therefore, we now face the comprehensive task of ensuring long-term competitiveness and development of the Group. In light of this, we have agreed that the time has come for us to find the right profile who will add the long-term leadership and drive the required changes,” said Jensen.

Hundebøll joined the DLG Group in 2001 as an executive assistant. In 2003, he became a member of the executive committee and was appointed the group CEO in 2012. Over the past years, he has headed the process of driving the group’s development with special focus on strengthening the core business and driving the international business development in Germany, in particular, where DLG today is the Danish company with the largest revenue. Also, the group revenue  increased to DKK67 billion (US$9.7 billion) in 2023 from DKK48 billion in 2012. 

”After 12 years as group CEO and more than 23 years at DLG, it is now time for someone else to take over. DLG has been the focal point of a large part of my professional life, and I am proud of the development and the results I have spearheaded. Of course, it is with a sense of sadness that I say goodbye to DLG and, more than anything else, to my many fine colleagues, but, as is a well-known fact, there’s an end to everything. This also applies to me in my current position. I look forward to spending more time on some of the other things that I take an interest in, professionally as well as privately,” said Hundebøll. 

Effective September 1, Group COO Jesper Pagh will take over as interim Group CEO.

”We have for some time now made preparations for the best possible generational change. Therefore, we have initiated a process in which external and internal candidates will be considered,” said Jensen. 

On Thursday, August 29, a reception will be held for Hundebøll at the DLG headquarters in Fredericia, Denmark.

A cooperative with 30,000 Danish farmers as owners, DLG is one of Europe's largest agricultural companies.  DLG Group runs most of its feed business through its Premix & Nutrition wing, Vilofoss Group. DLG is also the parent company of DANÆG is one of the leading suppliers of fresh shell eggs and processed, pasteurized egg products in Denmark and Sweden.

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