Hamlet Protein presents at AFMA Forum

Dr. Jessika van Leeuwen spoke about diets for young animals

Hamlet Protein, multinational producer of specialty ingredients for young animal nutrition, presented at the AFMA Forum in South Africa. Dr. Jessika van Leeuwen addressed the importance of reducing anti-nutritional factors in early life nutrition and how that can contribute to more sustainable animal production. The event attracted a large group of feed manufacturers, nutritionists, researchers and industry leaders from all over the world.

The Animal Feed Manufacturers Association of South Africa (AFMA) is the official industry representative body of the South African feed industry in the livestock feed sector and larger agricultural environment.

The AFMA conference in Sun City allowed companies to showcase their products and services, and the technical presentations provided attendees with the opportunity to learn firsthand about the latest scientific developments in feed formulation.

Hamlet Protein’s swine category manager, Dr. Jessika van Leeuwen, presented on the importance of minimizing anti-nutritional factors in diets for young animals, to improve protein efficiency and reduce nitrogen excretion.

“Soy contains components that can negatively impact the digestibility in the immature gut of the young animal. At an early age, animals are particularly sensitive to the so called anti-nutritional factors, like antigenic protein, oligosaccharides, phytic acid, lectins, and trypsin inhibitors. Choosing a protein source that provides a high and rapid digestion rate is critically important for feed producers and their customers,” commented Dr. van Leeuwen.

Hamlet Protein attended the event together with its distribution partner, Nutribase, which provided the company with a great opportunity to meet with representatives of industry-leading companies and further build on its growing presence in the South African market.



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