Cherkizovo Group expands its turkey product line

Pava-Pava launches spiced turkey fillets

Cherkizovo Group, Russia's largest meat producer, continues to expand its turkey product line under Pava-Pava, one of its flagship brands. This fall, the company has launched sales of spiced turkey filet, a perfect choice for holiday dinners.

Pava-Pava spiced turkey fillets consist of two pieces of boneless marinated turkey meat; with a weight of 500 grams, they come in convenient, translucent trays. This hypoallergenic product boasts a high content of important amino acids, micronutrients, protein and iron. The first batches of the new product were delivered to retail chains in October.

In Pava-Pava turkey fillets, only natural spices are used: paprika, onion, parsley and garlic. It can be an excellent choice for a holiday feast or a great solution for an easy weeknight dinner. A recent survey has shown that 45% of consumers purchase ready-to-cook turkey products in spices, sauce or marinade to cook them for holidays or a meal with friends, and about 30% grill them outdoors.

Spiced turkey fillets are most often roasted or fried to get juicy and filling dishes. This product category is growing in both volume and monetary terms, with sales peaking in December (ahead of the New Year holidays) as well as in June and July.

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