Canadians support homegrown food security

Report from Abacus Data delved into Canadians’ perspectives on the food system.

A recent survey conducted by Abacus Data delves into Canadians’ perspectives on the food system and the value they place on the system of supply management. According to the findings, 9 in 10 Canadians say it’s important to them that the dairy, eggs, chicken and turkey they buy come from Canada. This sentiment is strong across multiple demographics and geographical regions, reflecting a shared belief in the benefits of this approach.

With over 339,000 jobs generated, a staggering $30.1 billion contribution to Canada’s GDP, and an annual infusion of $5.95 billion in tax contributions, supply management ensures not only dependable access to homegrown goods, but a vibrant and prosperous agricultural landscape.

The Abacus survey highlights that 94% of Canadians consider it a ‘good thing’ when they hear that local dairy, poultry and egg products are produced with high standards of food safety and animal care under supply management. Furthermore, a remarkable 92% of Canadians express confidence in the food safety and animal welfare of dairy, chicken, turkey and eggs produced at home because of supply management. This not only reinforces the trust they have in the system, but also emphasizes their preference for locally produced goods.

Notable findings include:

  • 97% of respondents feel it is important that Canada has strong domestic food supply chains that allow us to produce enough food to feed Canadians year-round; and

  • 94% of Canadians prefer their dairy, eggs, chicken, and turkey products to be produced locally and in Canada under supply management.

It is clear that the majority of Canadians support supply management and recognize its importance. This unanimous data highlights how crucial it is for supply management to be in line with Canadian values and priorities. It also emphasizes the system’s role in ensuring domestic food security and building public confidence in our food supply chain. The findings of the survey confirm that enacting
Bill C-282 into law protects what Canadians want, which is homegrown food.

The survey, conducted online with a sample size of 2,000 adult Canadians from November 9 to 12, 2023, provides insights into the importance Canadians attribute to a strong domestic supply of dairy, eggs, chicken, and turkey. For more detailed results from the survey, please click HERE. To learn more about supply management, please click HERE.


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