NIAA approves its strategic plan

The plan emphasizes NIAA's mission to convene experts to advance animal agriculture.

The National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) board of directors approved the 2024–2026 Strategic Plan during its January 24, 2024, meeting. Developed collaboratively since November 2023, this plan builds on past successes and introduces new focus areas aligned with NIAA's mission.

NIAA Chair, Dr. Eric Moore, expressed anticipation for implementing the new strategic pillars, emphasizing continuity with the achievements of the 2020–2023 plan. The 2024–2026 plan emphasizes NIAA's mission to convene experts for interdisciplinary cooperation in advancing animal agriculture.

NIAA Executive Director, J.J. Jones, highlighted the plan as a comprehensive guide for volunteer leaders and staff. A virtual NIAA membership meeting on February 29 will further discuss the strategic plan's implications. For more information and registration, visit

The plan centers on four strategic pillars:

    1. Convening: Leading forum for diverse thought leaders to address emerging issues in animal agriculture
    2. Leadership Development: Empowering leaders to influence the future of U.S. and global animal agriculture
    3. Communications & Marketing: Timely dissemination of resources to industry, engaging members and non-members alike
    4. Fostering Innovation: Facilitating awareness of economically viable and scientifically sound innovations in animal agriculture 
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