WVA Global Veterinary award winners announced

The ceremony will be held in April.

Dr. Shane Renwick, a Canadian veterinarian, has won the Medicine Stewardship category at the WVA Global Veterinary Awards. Nominated by CVMA, Dr. Renwick is recognized for his leadership in antimicrobial stewardship and contributions to One Health and climate change challenges.

His initiatives include the Stewardship of Antimicrobials by Veterinarians (SAVI) and the Firstline mobile app, aiding veterinarians in antibiotic selection. The awards ceremony is on April 17th during the 39th World Veterinary Association Congress in Cape Town, South Africa. Dr. Renwick's achievements were praised by WVA and CVMA President Dr. Trevor Lawson.

Remaining award categories to be announced in the coming months, culminating in the Veterinarian of the Year announcement. WVA focuses on Animal Welfare, Pharmaceutical Stewardship, Veterinary Education, and One Health.

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