Veterinary Innovation Council announces board

Eleven new members are named.

The Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) announces the establishment of its advisory board, bringing together leaders from various sectors of veterinary healthcare. Comprising practitioners, academics, industry leaders and animal welfare representatives, the board aims to address profession-wide challenges in collaboration with the VIC board of directors.

Jennifer Welser, chief strategy officer at CityVet and VIC board chair, stated, "This marks a pivotal moment for veterinary medicine, emphasizing our commitment to understanding the complex landscape and fostering a forward-looking dialogue. The Advisory Board's diverse expertise will contribute to positive impacts on animal care and professional support."

The advisory board, including notable members such as Douglas G. Aspros and Christina Tran, will meet regularly to discuss and provide guidance on industry challenges. Their insights will shape VIC's strategies and initiatives, addressing both current issues and preparing for future developments.

Aaron Massecar, VIC executive director, expressed confidence in the advisory board's collective wisdom, stating, "Their invaluable input will guide our efforts to address challenges and anticipate future developments in veterinary medicine."

Advisory Board Members:

  • Douglas G. Aspros, DVM
  • James W. Lloyd, PhD, DVM
  • Brianna Armstrong, DVM
  • Adam Little, DVM
  • Valerie C. Marcano, DVM
  • Samuel Schopler
  • Michael Blackwell, DVM, MPH
  • Emmitt Nantz
  • Niccole Bruno, DVM
  • Christina Tran, DVM
  • Ashby Green

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