Hormel Foods honors MLK legacy

Company announced the winners of its 13th annual essay contest.

Three students, Yvanna Lopez, Madison Blair, and Aisha Mohamed, emerged victorious in Hormel Foods' 13th annual MLK essay contest. The winners, selected from 15 schools nationwide, visited Hormel's World headquarters to share their essays on the theme, "What Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Means to Me."

Jim Snee, CEO of Hormel Foods, congratulated the winners, acknowledging the significance of the competition sponsored by the Black Leaders & Allies Advancing Cultural Knowledge (BLAACK) group. Cedric Moore, BLAACK president, highlighted the event's goal to celebrate diversity and promote Dr. King's legacy.

The nationwide contest encourages students to reflect on Dr. King's impact, fostering appreciation for cultural differences. Hormel aims to create lasting partnerships with schools, inspiring children to aim high and exposing them to diverse professionals.

Blair expressed in her essay, "When I think of Dr. Martin Luther King, I think freedom, bravery, and perseverance. I work hard as a student because Dr. King fought for me to have the best education."

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