USPOULTRY announces funding

Donations given to North Carolina State University and Iowa State University support research and poultry careers.

USPOULTRY and its foundation have allocated $363,000 for three research grants through the Board Research Initiative Program. Selected topics were determined by the USPOULTRY board of directors, with final proposals chosen by the Foundation Research Advisory Committee.

Funded projects include:

  1. Investigating Necrotic Enteritis in Chickens to Develop Non-Antibiotic Disease Prevention Methods

    • Institution: North Carolina State University
  2. Epidemiological Studies on Ornithobacterium rhinotracheale in Commercial Turkeys

    • Institution: Iowa State University
  3. Advancing Infectious Coryza Diagnosis and Control by Studying Non-Pathogenic Avibacterium paragallinarum Isolates

    • Institution: Iowa State University

These grants, made possible by contributions to the USPOULTRY Foundation, aim to support industry research and foster interest in poultry careers.

The USPOULTRY Board Research Initiative supplements the existing Comprehensive Research Program, addressing key poultry industry challenges with targeted funding.

USPOULTRY and its foundation continue to invest in extensive research, having allocated over $36 million to the industry across various universities and facilities.

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