USPOULTRY holds PHIS workshop

Attendees learned to navigate, download and manage noncompliance records.

USPOULTRY organized its inaugural Public Health Information System (PHIS) Workshop on April 17, in collaboration with the Food Safety Advisory Committee. The workshop aimed to guide attendees through the PHIS interface and proper responses to USDA noncompliance records. Representatives from broiler and duck industries attended, benefiting from PHIS’s varied access scopes.

PHIS offers vital facility information to bolster food safety programs. Attendees learned to navigate the interface efficiently, download necessary data and manage noncompliance records (NRs) and memorandum of interviews (MOIs). They also mastered accuracy checks, assignment of responsibilities and tracking of public health regulations (PHRs). The workshop delved into PHIS’s reporting capabilities for informed decision-making.

Attendees were equipped to handle official communications within PHIS, including accessing and responding to NRs and MOIs, monitoring regulations and appealing inaccuracies. Real-world case discussions enriched the interaction among participants.

Future workshops will build on this primer, incorporating attendee feedback and insights from the Food Safety Advisory Committee. For details on upcoming events, visit the USPOULTRY website.

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