LUBING celebrates milestone

More than 200 invited guests from Germany helped the company mark 75 years.

Nearly 75 years to the day after its founding, LUBING celebrated its anniversary with more than 200 invited guests from Germany and abroad. The event saw participation from employees, business partners from worldwide partnerships and the international trade press. The two-day celebration featured welcoming speeches, panel discussions, technical presentations and company tours.

Day 1: Celebrations and Reflections

A large marquee was erected on the LUBING premises, accommodating over 200 guests around a modern stage. The day commenced at 9 a.m. with company tours for visitors from all over the world, providing an insight into LUBING’s operations and innovations.

Welcoming Speeches: Managing Director Markus von der Assen, Mayor Alexander Grimm of the joint municipality, and Constantin von Kuczkowski, branch manager of the Hanover Chamber of Industry and Commerce for the district of Diepholz, delivered welcoming speeches. They highlighted LUBING's significant achievements for the region and its contributions to the Barnstorf location.

Panel Discussion: Moderator Ludger Abeln led the event and moderated a central panel discussion featuring three key LUBING personalities: Egon Schumacher (former managing director, 1968-2000s), Markus von der Assen (current managing director), and Michael Abeln (technical managing director). The discussion covered the company's origins, its journey and future prospects.

Special Celebrations: The event also celebrated the 83rd birthday of long-time Managing Director Egon Schumacher, adding a personal touch to the festivities.

Engaging Contributions: Sascha Franz, an employee in purchasing, delivered a witty comparison of LUBING to a soccer club, humorously likening Egon Schumacher to "the Franz Beckenbauer of LUBING."

Specialist Lecture: Renowned Economic Researcher Prof. Dr. RaffelhĂĽschen presented a lecture on the demographic development in industrialized nations, offering thought-provoking insights beyond mere statistics.

Evening Festivities: The day concluded with a sumptuous buffet and a get-together, followed by a smaller, more intimate event with select partners.

Day 2: Family Celebrations

The company premises were opened to employees and their families. The highlight of this family party was the appearance of German comedian Dietmar Wischmeyer as "Günter, der Treckerfahrer." The celebration continued late into the night, honoring LUBING’s successful history from 1949 to the present day.

LUBING’s 75th-anniversary celebration was a testament to its enduring legacy and a promising future, marked by innovation, collaboration and community spirit.

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