Marel opens new center

The new facility will streamline operations and speed up delivery times.

Marel, a leading provider of advanced food processing systems and services, has announced the opening of its new state-of-the-art Global Distribution Center (GDC) in Eindhoven. This strategic development aims to enhance Marel's ability to serve customers more efficiently worldwide by consolidating its European inventory locations into a single, highly efficient hub.

The new GDC, covering over 15,000 square meters, is designed to streamline operations and speed up delivery times, significantly improving the customer experience. The facility's prime location allows for swift logistics management with major providers such as FedEx and DHL, ensuring rapid and reliable delivery of spare parts to customers, reducing downtime and boosting productivity.

"We are thrilled with the opening of the Global Distribution Center in Eindhoven," said Tatiana Gilitzer, Marel's executive vice president of service. "This center is a crucial part of our strategy to transform spare parts delivery globally, significantly enhancing the customer experience."

The transition to the new GDC will be carried out in phases to minimize disruption and maintain top-tier service levels. The move will begin with the transition from Aarhus to Eindhoven, followed by relocations from Boxmeer and Lichtenvoorde.

Reflecting Marel's commitment to sustainability and innovation, the new facility includes numerous green features aimed at achieving energy neutrality. These features include solar panels, low-emission building materials, greywater systems and rainwater filtration. Additionally, the GDC supports electric vehicle and bike charging, promotes carpooling and integrates wildlife shelters and plant life to enhance biodiversity.

The new Global Distribution Center in Eindhoven sets a new standard for Marel's operations, embodying the company's dedication to efficiency, sustainability, and innovation.

For more information, visit Marel's website.

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