IPWA and US-RSPE announce new board members

Eight new members to both organizations named.

The International Poultry Welfare Alliance (IPWA) and the US-Roundtable for Sustainable Poultry & Eggs (US-RSPE) are thrilled to announce the appointment of new members to their respective boards of directors following recent elections.


The US-RSPE is an independent, multi-stakeholder organization that includes members from all segments of the poultry industry, such as growers, integrators, processors, retailers, food service companies, civil society groups, NGOs, allied industries and individuals. The organization's mission is to promote and communicate continuous improvement in sustainability across the poultry value chain.

About IPWA

IPWA serves as the independent global resource on poultry welfare. It is a multi-stakeholder effort consisting of a diverse group of organizations, companies and individuals dedicated to advancing poultry welfare worldwide. Both the US-RSPE and IPWA board of directors consist of board seats from representative constituent groups committed to enhancing the organizations through their volunteer leadership.

Newly Elected Directors for US-RSPE

  • Integrator/Processor Representative: Andy Rojeski, Pilgrim's Pride
  • Grower Representative: Dan Fields, Herbruck's Poultry Ranch
  • Civil Society Representative: Maria-Elena Varas, World Wildlife Fund

Newly Elected IPWA Board Members

  • Turkey Live Production Representative: Stephen Williams, Butterball
  • Broiler Live Production Representative: Kathleen Long, Maple Leaf Foods
  • Layer Live Production Representative: Mohamed Mousa, Herbruck's Poultry Ranch
  • Academic Representative: Dr. Katy Tarrant, COOP Fresno State
  • Civil Society Representative: Ashley Peterson, National Chicken Council

"We welcome the new Board members who will help us take the organization to the next level and give us expertise across the supply chain," said Richard Griffiths, IPWA chair.

Upcoming Event: 2024 Poultry Sustainability & Welfare Summit

Both organizations will be hosting the 2024 Poultry Sustainability & Welfare Summit from September 3-6, featuring a site visit sponsored by ZINPRO at the University of Georgia Poultry Science department. For more information, visit the summit website here. In addition to board and committee meetings, the summit will feature innovative perspectives and ground-breaking insights from the world's leading experts in poultry sustainability and welfare.

"Our newly elected board members bring invaluable insights into sustainability practices within the poultry industry. Their commitment to continuous improvement will help us drive meaningful progress across the entire supply chain," stated Ethan Carter, US-RSPE chair. "By having a board that reflects the entire value chain, we are better equipped to promote sustainability from the grassroots level up to the final consumer."

About US-RSPE's Sustainability Framework

The US-RSPE created the Sustainability Framework, the first-ever multi-stakeholder sustainability reporting framework for the entire U.S. supply chain for chicken, turkey and eggs from producer to final customer. Learn more about the Framework here.

About IPWA's Key Welfare Indicator Guides

The IPWA published the Key Welfare Indicator Guides for broilers, layers and turkeys. The KWI guides provide a practical framework for assessing and improving the welfare of poultry. The indicators are designed to be flexible, allowing companies to tailor their approach to fit specific needs and circumstances. View the Guides here.

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