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Market Data

WATTAgNet Market Data is designed provide a view of the latest statistics on the global poultry and feed markets. Charts in this section illustrate trends and forecasts on current, historical data and more.

Additional historic data can be found in the Poultry and Feed sections. The data has been collected from WATT Global Media research, expert industry analysis, WATT's Executive Guide to Poultry Trends, and Feed Industry's World Feed Panorama. 

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Poultry Feed


The WATTAgNet poultry market data charts on this page are created to help you monitor the ever-changing agribusiness industry by providing a view of the latest United States poultry industry statistics. These market data charts are created from data published by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). USDA reports weekly on the number of eggs set by hatcheries and number of chicks placed for meat production by broiler growers in the 19-state weekly programs, which are shown in millions. Intended placements of broiler-type pullet chicks for hatchery supply flocks and broiler-type chicks hatched monthly in the U.S. are shown in millions as a year-over-year comparison. Statistics reporting the number of chickens slaughtered young by thousand head and chicken total live weight young by thousand pounds in the U.S. show the trends over the year period. U.S. chickens slaughtered mature by thousand head and chicken total live weight mature by thousand pounds plot a one-year trend for both light and heavy broilers. You can hover over each data point in these charts to view the exact number of chicks, eggs, heads and live weights. The frequency and time of update are listed below each poultry market data chart.