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Poultry Meat Market Data

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Brazil poultry meat production and consumption trend 2013-17

Brazil's top broiler meat export markets 2016-17

Change in poultry slaughter in select EU member states 2017-16

Changes in meat and egg consumption in Southeast Asia 2016-26

Contextual indicators for select countries in Southeast Asia 2015

Countries with greatest share of additional production 2026 vs. 2014-16

EU member state poultry meat production trend 2005-16

Feed cost index and poultry-to-feed price ratio 1986-2026

Forecast annual world poultry meat production growth to 2026

GDP growth rates in developing countries 2007-16 vs. 2017-26

Global meat production by species avg. 2014-16 vs. 2026

Global poultry meat trade trend 2013-17

Per capita meat consumption worldwide by type 2014-16 vs. 2026

Percent change in US broiler and turkey production 2016-18

Poultry meat export projections for top 6 countries to 2026

Poultry meat imports in select Southeast Asian countries avg. 2014-16 vs 2026

Poultry meat market projections avg. 2014-16 to 2026

Poultry meat production and consumption estimates in select countries 2017

Poultry meat production by region 2016-17

Poultry meat trade by region 2016-17

Trade share percentage for top 5 poultry importers, exporters in 2026

Trend in annual world poultry meat production growth 2002-16

US poultry meat trade by type 2016-18

US quarterly poultry product production 2016-18

World balance for meats by type 2015-17

World population projection to 2050

World poultry meat import and export projections to 2026

World poultry meat market statistics 2016-17

World poultry meat price projections 2017-26

World poultry meat production and consumption projections to 2026

World poultry meat production trend 2002-17