Chicken Marketing Summit looks forward to 2035

How Generation Z will change the future of broiler production and processing.

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As we look towards the future, it is crucial to understand what younger generations will prioritize when it comes to food. By 2035, Generation Z will be the primary purchasers of protein and this will have a significant impact on the way that chicken is raised, processed and marketed.

Members of Generation Z – born between 1997 and 2012 – have always known cell phones and are considered digital natives. They increasingly say that they’re concerned about sustainability and animal welfare, more than any generation before them. But how will those values change as this demographic grows up and it’s time for them to buy protein?

Join us at Chicken Marketing Summit on July 29-31 at the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa in Birmingham, Alabama, as we explore the factors that shape the food choices of Gen Z and Gen Alpha, who will soon become the primary food purchasers for themselves and their families.

The 2024 edition features a new theme, “Chicken 2035: Anticipating Trends, Adapting Strategies.” Globally recognized speakers and panelists will provide data and insights on the consumers of today so that you can fine-tune your marketing and sales efforts. This year’s Summit will also look forward to the consumer of 2035 and the issues that will impact their protein choices.

New in 2024 – Two content tracks

For the first time, Chicken Marketing Summit will have two concurrent sessions.

As always, one track will focus on how consumer trends of today and what will be expected in 2035 and how advancing digital technology will impact how chicken will be sold and marketed in the future.

The second content track will explore how the industry will meet consumer expectations by adapting new and existing technologies to raise and process broilers utilizing fewer resources and with improved welfare, food safety and ease of preparation.

Session preview:

  • The future of food and the consumer of 2035
  • Going beyond taste, affordability and convenience: What will shape food choices for Gen Z and Alpha?
  • Foodservice and retail trends of today and what to expect in 2035
  • How net zero and climate change concerns will impact broiler production and processing
  • How advances in broiler genetics, knowledge of the microbiome, artificial intelligence, CRISPR and other new technologies will change broiler production, processing and distribution

The 2024 Chicken Marketing Summit will provide a unique look forward that will help your operation, from farm to processing plant to distribution center, prepare to meet the desires of tomorrow’s consumers and keep chicken as the top protein choice in the U.S.

Registration is now open. For more information, go to

Chicken Marketing Summit is presented by WATT Global Media in collaboration with the National Chicken Council, the annual Chicken Marketing Summit remains a member benefit for NCC processors and allied member companies, as well as members of the National Protein and Food Distributors Association.


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