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Top Poultry Companies FAQ

WATT Top Poultry Company surveys are conducted annually to gather information about the world’s leading broiler, turkey and waterfowl meat and egg producing companies.

How the companies are ranked varies by region of the world where the company operates and by the type of commodity produced. The survey data are comprised of a combination of company-submitted information and estimates based on input from publicly reported information and industry sources.

 In-depth Top Poultry Company survey reports are produced for the U.S. broiler, turkey and egg producing companies. Other in-depth reports are prepared for Top Poultry Producing Companies in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Further data on trends in global poultry meat and egg production and consumption with forward looking projections are prepared as part of Poultry Trends.

Can I sort the world’s leading poultry producing companies by continent or region?

Yes, simply go to the drop-down menu under search for an alphabetic listing of producers in the region of interest.

How can I identify leading producers within a continent or region?

Select your region of interest from the drop-down menu and then select full table. 

Can I search simply for broiler producers, or egg producers? 

Yes, select the second pull-down menu and choose view by key product or category. 

How can I access the full details for any company listed?

Full details of each company listed can be accessed in two different ways. Type the company name into The Top Poultry Companies search box. Results will show the main company listing along with associated listings. Alternatively, from the full table, click on company the name of interest to go directly to its profile.