News and analysis on the global poultry
and animal feed industries.



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Chicken Marketing Summit News

NCC’s Chicken Marketing Summit brings together a unique cross-section of poultry industry stakeholders to network, share, learn and dialogue together about the opportunities and challenges for chicken being driven by fast-changing consumer trends. Learn more about the summit.

Animal Nutrition & Formulation

Find the latest animal nutrition and livestock feed formulation and additives research and analysis on poultry, pig and dairy cattle health as well as feed safety in production animals, feed mill management and antibiotic-free meat news from Feed Strategy, WATT PoultryUSA, Poultry International and Egg Industry magazines.

Processing & Slaughter

The latest articles, analysis and information on poultry and pig processing and slaughter techniques to help producers and processors convert live pigs and birds into high-quality raw pork and chicken products. Topics include production welfare practices and well as humane transport, nutrition and heat-stress issues.

Diseases & Health

Find the latest articles, news and analysis on livestock diseases and pig and poultry health issues, such as avian influenza, PEDv, mycotoxins and biosecurity best practices from the editors of WATT PoultryUSA, Poultry International, Egg Industry, Feed International, Feed Management and Pig International magazines.

Breeding & Genetics

The latest poultry and pig breeding and genetics research and information from scientists and animal breeders on producing healthy livestock to feed a growing world population through artificial insemination, selective breeding and genetic engineering.


The latest food production animal research and articles covering poultry, egg-laying hens, pigs and dairy ruminants to help producers optimize their operations. These animals are intentionally bred and raised to be part of the human food chain.

Poultry Housing

The latest poultry housing research articles, research and commentary covering battery cages, enriched cages and cage-free laying systems to help producers optimize their operation from the editors of Poultry USA, Egg Industry and Poultry International magazines.

Animal Agriculture by Region

Poultry and feed news, articles and information focused on a particular region’s growing animal agriculture industry.

Industry News & Trends

The latest animal agriculture news and research from WATTAgNet.

Animal Agriculture Infographics

Animal agriculture statistics and trends covering the poultry and animal feed industries turned into sharable infographics to show how producers and farmers feed a growing world population.

Poultry Welfare

The latest poultry welfare articles, commentary and research for poultry producers on ethically raising (birds are treated with respect and properly cared for during their lives) broilers, laying hens and turkeys from the editors of Poultry USA, Egg Industry and Poultry International magazines.

Pig Welfare

The latest articles, analysis and information on pig welfare practices to ethically raise healthy and profitable sows, hogs, gilts, boars and piglets from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include disease prevention and biosecurity, accurately diagnosing a sick pig, nutrition and current welfare standards.

Weaning & Farrowing

The latest articles, analysis and information on sow farrowing research and guidelines to successfully wean piglets to help swine producers maximize herd performance and yields from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include piglet immunity, post-weaning stress and gut health.

Sow Group Housing

The latest news, analysis and information on group sow housing regulations, technology and welfare practices to help pork producers successfully transition from individual gestation stalls to housing pregnant sows in groups from the editors of Pig International magazine.

Pig Growing & Finishing

The latest articles, analysis and information on pig growing and finishing research to successfully raise pigs between nursery and market ages to help swine producers maximize herd performance and yields from the editors of Pig International magazine. Topics include nutritional guidelines, biosecurity practices and selective breeding.

Biofuels & Ethanol

The latest information and research on biofuel renewable energies, such as ethanol and biodiesel, which can be derived from conventional food plants, special energy crops or from agricultural or industrial wastes to replace nonrenewable fossil fuels in animal production and processing operations.

Sustainable Agriculture

The latest articles, information and analysis on profitable and sustainable livestock production practices using animal agriculture technology and methodologies designed to protect the environment, public health and promote animal welfare.

Food Safety Recalls

The latest food safety news and announcements covering poultry, egg products, pork and animal feed recalls. Food is recalled when the discovery of an organism in a product may make an animal or human sick, a potential allergen is discovered, or if a product is mislabeled and allergens do not appear on the label.

Business & Markets

The latest animal agriculture company news, market analysis, crop forecasts and trade and agriculture policy analysis that affect US and global animal protein food producers and processors in the poultry, egg, pork and animal feed industries.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The latest animal agriculture mergers and acquisitions news.

Procesamiento y sacrificio

Transformación de las aves vivas en productos avícolas para procesamiento y procesamiento ulterior destinados al consumo humano.

Enfermedades y sanidad

Información sobre cómo manejar la salud de una parvada y cómo prevenir enfermedades de pollos, pavos y gallinas de postura.

Reproducción, genética e incubación

Lo último en la información de la investigación en reproducción avícola, genética e incubación de pollos, pavos y gallinas.

Mercados y negocios

Artículos e información de los mercados avícolas globales y las reglamentaciones locales.

Manejo, producción y equipo

Artículos e información sobre los métodos y sistemas modernos de producción avícola, de cómo manejar una explotación redituable y lo último en equipos y avances en la producción avícola.

Empresas líderes

WATT Global Media continúa expandiendo su lista de los principales productores avícolas del mundo, con información de más de 1,000 compañías, en su exclusiva bases de datos de las Compañías Líderes. Los productores avícolas son aquellas compañías que producen pollos, pavos, gansos, patos, huevo de consumo, ovoproductos, huevos incubables y pollitos de un día de edad.

Nutrición y fabricación de alimentos balanceados

Investigación en nutrición e ingredientes para la producción de pollos de engorde y gallinas ponedoras sanas con base en una buena formulación de alimentos balanceados, así como procesamiento para fabricar alimentos completos y nutritivos que se empaquen o transporten a granjas comerciales.