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Animal Feed Additives

Feed additives are added to livestock feed for farm animals that require extra nutrients, such as vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids and minerals to grow at a healthy rate. Find the latest articles, news and analysis on animal feed additives from the editors of Feed Strategy magazine to optimize food production animals’ diets. Register for free to access premium content.


Ascus plans poultry endomicrobial feed additive launch

Full genetic sequencing of more than 6,000 poultry gastrointestinal tract samples create a highly tailored poultry feed supplement.
By better understanding the relationship between the microbiome and its hosts processes, Ascus Biosciences has created a new feed additives category, endomicrobials, which comprise novel, beneficial microbes that live symbiotically within selected species to enhance productivity, efficiency and well-being.
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5 keys to successful antibiotic-free poultry production

Find out how to promote the health of birds in no-antibiotics-ever broiler production
There are five guiding principles to successful antibiotic-free poultry production, according to Charles Hofacre, president, Southern Poultry Research Group and University of Georgia professor emeritus.
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Behn Meyer: A strong partner for Creamino in Southeast Asia

AlzChem, inventor and producer of Creamino (Creatine for animal nutrition) is enlarging its distribution network worldwide. After having terminated the supply agreement with Evonik to the end of 2018, AlzChem has built up a network of sales and service partners to complete its direct sales force.
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First hemp-based animal feed approvals expected in 2019

With eminent approval for dogs and cats, advocates say five new feed ingredients are in the works
Dogs and cats could — legally — enjoy their own hemp-based edibles by the end of 2019, hemp advocates say; and feed ingredients for seven additional species are in the works. But industry leaders worry hemp producers aren’t prepared for the potential surge in demand.
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Now is the time to unload animal feed formulas

The advent and heavy marketing of additives in the past 20 years have left little formulation and margin space in most commercial feed formulas.
Additives, as they have emerged in the animal nutrition industry, continue to offer numerous advantages in terms of animal and feed performance.
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Strategies for phytogenic feed additives in ABF production

Learn how animal feed trends and phytogenic feed additives can be used effectively in antibiotic-free production. Sponsored by Delacon.
Learn how animal feed trends and phytogenic feed additives can be used effectively in antibiotic-free production. Sponsored by Delacon.
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