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40,000 Maryland chickens culled over avian flu fears

Broiler flock in Wicomico County saw mortality levels return to normal after chickens were treated for bacterial disease, but inconclusive avian flu test results led to decision to cull
About 40,000 chickens have been culled at commercial poultry farm in Wicomico County, Maryland, after the flock was experiencing higher than normal mortality.
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California virulent Newcastle disease cases continue

While some affected areas are under an order to euthanize all birds, new cases of vND are being confirmed
Five new cases of virulent Newcastle disease (vND) was confirmed in backyard exhibition chickens in Riverside County, California during the week of November 30 – December 6, the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) announced.
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Veterinary groups unite to fight antimicrobial resistance

Joint statement outlines steps veterinarians in North America, Europe can take to combat antimicrobial resistance
Veterinary organizations in North America and Europe have teamed up to combat antimicrobial resistance while ensuring the continuing availability of medications essential for human and animal health.
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Sanderson phasing out antibiotics used in human medicine

Following the completion of an independent study, Sanderson Farms will continue to use antibiotics, but will discontinue use of gentamicin and virginiamycin
Sanderson Farms will discontinue using antibiotics considered medically important for humans for disease prevention in its live poultry operations by March 1, 2019.
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California orders euthanasia of birds in vND-hit areas

In an effort to prevent further spread of virulent Newcastle disease, all birds in Compton, Muscoy and Mira Loma/Jurupa Valley must be euthanized, state veterinarian says
In response to the 2018 outbreak of virulent Newcastle disease (vND) in California, State Veterinarian Annette Jones has ordered that all birds in certain communities in three California counties be euthanized.
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