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Could CO2 become sustainable protein for poultry feed?

While an industry and academia consortium in the UK won’t be conjuring poultry feed out of thin air, it will be fermenting it.
Carbon dioxide (CO2), the greatest contributor to climate change, has a bad name in environmental circles but the chemical compound may be about to take on a whole new reputation – at least where poultry and fish nutrition are concerned.
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COVID-19 will shape the next generation of employees

As the pandemic continues to impact daily life, its long-term effects on the next generation of employees could make it harder for those individuals to be utilized when the time comes.
Economic, historical, social and cultural experiences influence career choices. What could this mean for future poultry farm employees?
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Poultry feed supply security – resilience beats efficiency

To ensure continued production when supply chain issues occur, poultry producers need suppliers that can demonstrate the resilience of their networks.
The fragility of some supply chains has been highlighted by COVID-19. Poultry producers need to ensure that their suppliers’ sourcing networks are resilient to shocks to prevent disruptions to their production.
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Emphasizing One Health can boost consumer trust in poultry

Poultry producers need to not only apply the principles of One Health, but they need to communicate this compliance with consumers to build consumer trust.
Following One Health principals can help poultry producers protect their flocks’, consumers’ and the planet’s health, but communicating its value can help build consumer trust in poultry meat.
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