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Might feeding broilers insects affect meat quality?

Meat derived from insect-fed chickens may appear more palatable to consumers than eating insects directly, but is that meat as good as standard meat?
The buzz around using insects in poultry feed continues to grow, but what about the meat derived from such birds? Will it look and taste the same, or be as good for you?
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Antimicrobial use in US broilers, turkeys down dramatically

USPOULTRY releases first-ever report of antimicrobial use in U.S. broiler and turkey production
U.S. Poultry & Egg Association announces the release of the U.S. poultry industry’s first-ever report quantifying antimicrobial use on broiler chicken and turkey farms. The new report shows dramatic reductions of turkey and broiler chicken antimicrobial use over a five-year timeframe.
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Cobb launches redesigned website with enhanced customer support

Highlighting its customer-centric approach to innovation, Cobb-Vantress recently launched the new and improved The website, which serves Cobb’s customers globally, brings together Cobb’s industry-leading products with its commitment to technical services in an interactive, user-friendly approach.
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Lack of reliable detection technology slows PAA regulation

Commonly employed sensors cannot be proven to be effective. This, paired with a lack of federal regulation for exposure to the chemical, makes it difficult for plant operators.
Peracetic acid is widely used in poultry plants, but a lack of reliable technology to track the amount of its presence in the atmosphere makes it difficult for regulators and plant operators to know how much workers are exposed to the chemical.
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The poultry and egg industries’ sustainability program

A new organization, the Poultry and Egg Industry Sustainability and Welfare Foundation, will promote social responsibility in the industries.
The poultry and egg industries meet a standard of sustainability. Nevertheless, today’s paradigm for sustainability is much more holistic than it once was.
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How to get a processing line speed waiver

Poultry plants operating on the New Poultry Inspection System for more than a year can speed up their processing line after following a complex approval process.
Poultry plants operating on the New Poultry Inspection System can now operate at speeds as high as 175 birds per minute, but speeding up requires a complex federal approval process.
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Potential gains from ASF outweigh rising grain prices

The poultry market should benefit enough from the African swine fever situation to offset either a rise in production or increased feed costs.
The U.S. poultry market should see enough benefits from the African swine fever situation to offset either a slight rise in production or increased feed costs.
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Sanderson Farms prevails in ‘100% natural’ lawsuit

Judge says plaintiffs failed to prove ‘concrete injury’ from money spent on campaign to refute Sanderson Farms’ claims
Sanderson Farms prevailed in a lawsuit filed by Friends of the Earth and the Center for Food Safety, which alleged the poultry company falsely promoted chicken as “100% natural.
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