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How COVID-19 will change poultry consumption patterns

The disruptions caused by the novel coronavirus have accelerated trends already happening in the poultry market, but also added some new dimensions.
COVID-19 is changing what consumers are looking for when purchasing poultry meat and producers will need to understand these changes to survive.
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12 components for avian influenza vaccination programs

Whether an avian influenza vaccination program is preventative or in response to an emergency, various elements can be controlled to ensure success.
Vaccination remains a valuable tool in some countries to prevent or respond to outbreaks of avian influenza. Lean how vaccination strategies can be implemented to achieve maximum effect.
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1.5 million North Carolina chickens depopulated

North Carolina’s assistant agriculture commissioner says the move is being made because of a current lack of processing capacity
About 1.5 million chickens in North Carolina are being depopulated in North Carolina due to a lack of available processing capacity as poultry plants deal with outbreaks of COVID-19 among workers.
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Ross Milne

VIDEO: COVID-19 impacting poultry producers' insurance policies

Understanding business interruption insurance, financial loss, changes to worker compensation policies and other risk management topics relating to insurance is critical as the industry works through COVID-19
Business interruption insurance, financial loss, changes to worker compensation policies and other risk management topics relating to poultry producer insurance are all among the important points poultry producers need to consider as the pandemic continues to disrupt poultry businesses.
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Meat sales see big gains as grilling season heats up

Foodservice closures as a result of COVID-19 affect chicken prices.
The past two months have not seen a week that clearly reflects just everyday demand for meat and poultry. The week ending May 17 could have come close, however, tight supply and purchase limits along with the reopening of restaurant dine-in facilities in many states altered the demand landscape yet again.
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