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A second 1988 for poultry industry wouldn’t be the same

Industry-wide shift to slower-growing broilers could bring about the need for additional 4 million tons of feed and over 6,700 additional chicken houses
It would not be realistic for the chicken industry to revert back to the type of breeds used in 1988, a leading poultry industry economist says.
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2 Sisters set to refocus its UK poultry operations

UK company seeks to expand workforce at 5 plants while it considers closing 3
The largest poultry meat company in the United Kingdom (U.K.), 2 Sisters Food Group is planning to create new jobs at five of its poultry sites, and to close production at three other locations.
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Poultry groups praise breakthrough to restore CERCLA exemptions

The National Turkey Federation, National Chicken Council, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association and United Egg Producers praised a breakthrough bi-partisan bill introduced on Feb. 13 by 20 senators to correct a pending federal court requirement that nearly a quarter of a million farmers must calculate and report to federal emergency response authorities the natural emission of ammonia from poultry and livestock manure.
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Turkish poultry production increased in 2017

Amount of broilers and turkeys slaughtered in the country, and volume of eggs produced, are up
Poultry production increased in Turkey in 2017, according to figures released recently by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat).
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Maryland bill seeks study of air by poultry farms

Proposed bill calls for committee study to question of whether air quality is a problem around the state’s poultry farms
The Maryland House of Delegates is debating a proposal to study whether large poultry farms are polluting the air in the state.
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Wayne Farms challenges itself to lead on poultry welfare

An executive with the integrator said the company’s leadership is prioritizing becoming an industry leader on animal welfare.
Poultry integrators and their farmers want to let the world know they care deeply about their animals, according to an executive with one of the country’s largest chicken companies.
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Top 20 US egg producers in 2018

Learn more about the companies WATT Global Media ranked as the 2018 top egg producers.
Egg Industry’s Top Egg Company Survey ranks the top 20 egg producers according to the size of their layer flock at the end of 2017.
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