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40,000 Maryland chickens culled over avian flu fears

Broiler flock in Wicomico County saw mortality levels return to normal after chickens were treated for bacterial disease, but inconclusive avian flu test results led to decision to cull
About 40,000 chickens have been culled at commercial poultry farm in Wicomico County, Maryland, after the flock was experiencing higher than normal mortality.
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Archaeology shines light on the modern broiler

The oft-cited connection between urbanization and demand for chicken would appear to be nothing new while a medieval chicken may have been unrecognizable to an ancient Roman.

Examining  excavated chicken bones in Europe suggests that the chickens that were larger, less aggressive and able to live in smaller spaces are not completely the result of modern breeding practices, religion may even have contributed to their development.

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Chicken buyers change as e-commerce proliferates

The emergence of online and mobile shopping is making grocers and restaurateurs change the way they do business to stay competitive.
Chicken buyers at the 2018 Chicken Marketing Summit spoke about their experiences with e-commerce and the constant struggle to provide transparency consumers crave.
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4 potential food safety advances powered by blockchain

The nascent technology can elevate food safety, traceability and transparency, but will the industry buy in?
Blockchain technology can power advances in food traceability, fraud reduction, quality control and transparency. However, the food industry must commit to using it in order to gain the greatest benefit.
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Tyson’s Seguin complex takes extra steps to be neighborly

The Texas facility pretreats water to a higher standard than necessary and makes special considerations to enhance the wellbeing of the community.
The Texas facility treats wastewater to be cleaner than what’s required by the city of Seguin and makes special considerations to reduce odors and respect its neighborhood.
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Pilgrim’s Guntersville’s commitment to sustainability

The Alabama plant sits on the banks of Lake Guntersville, a tourism hotspot, and is executing aggressive plans to reduce resource use.
The Pilgrims’ Pride Corp. operation is making new investments to improve its wastewater pre-treatment operation and is carrying out plans to reduce water and energy use as well as greenhouse gas emissions.
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