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Avian Influenza

The latest avian influenza news on global outbreaks, analysis and research on identifying symptoms, biosecurity measures and best practices and international trade implications for poultry producers from the editors of WATT PoultryUSA, Poultry International, Industria Avicola and Egg Industry magazines. Register for free to access premium content.


Avian flu returns to poultry in India, Poland

Taiwan is also dealing with more cases of the virus
Following the end-of-year holidays, official reports have been lodged recording outbreaks of avian influenza in poultry in India, Poland, and Taiwan. The disease has also caused mortality among wild birds in China.
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Renewed hope for avian flu vaccine development

Pirbright Institute makes breakthrough for development of vaccine that can protect birds from avian flu, Marek’s disease
Researchers have reporting significant progress towards the development of a vaccine to protect poultry and humans against avian influenza infection. Taiwan and Nigeria have reported new cases of the disease in poultry.
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Avian flu in more poultry flocks in Taiwan

Meanwhile, commercial poultry flock affected with avian influenza in United Kingdom is culled
New cases of highly pathogenic avian flu have been confirmed in poultry in Taiwan, and ostriches in South Africa over the past week. In the United Kingdom (U.K.), a commercial flock infected with a mild form of the disease has been culled.
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First low pathogenic avian flu case found in Nigeria

Avian influenza situations in Nepal and Vietnam considered resolved
A mild form of avian influenza has been detected in Nigerian poultry for the first time, while Taiwan has reported another outbreak linked to a highly pathogenic virus. In Nepal and Vietnam, the authorities report that the disease has been controlled.
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New avian flu virus suspected in Taiwan’s poultry

Potentially three different variants of the virus could be present in Taiwan
Only Taiwan has officially recorded any new cases of the highly pathogenic form of avian flu in poultry during November. The disease has been ruled out as the cause of recent mass mortality of wild birds in India, and one province in Thailand has taken measures to prevent wild birds transmitting the virus to people and poultry.
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China lifts ban on US poultry imports

Ban, implemented because of avian influenza concerns, had been in place since 2015
China lifted its ban on poultry imports from the United States, ending the trade barrier that had been in place since 2015, when highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) was detected in the country.
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Could avian flu-resistant chickens be a commercial reality?

The first gene-edited chickens resistant to avian influenza could be ready for production within 3-5 years, but global regulations need to catch up with the technology.
Work on gene edited chickens able to resist avian influenza continues apace, but bringing these birds to market will face numerous hurdles.
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