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Avian Influenza

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Japan declares end to HPAI outbreaks in poultry

Two key markets have reopened to Japanese poultry exports following an official declaration that highly pathogenic avian influenza virus is under control in the nation’s domestic birds.

Following the Japan's recent official declaration of freedom from highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI), poultry exports from all parts of the country can resume.

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All Indiana poultry farms hit by HPAI cleared to restock

State remains on alert as avian influenza with continued detections in backyard poultry and wild birds

All commercial poultry operations in Indiana where highly pathogenic avian influenza was earlier confirmed have been cleared to repopulate, but the state remains on alert for the virus.

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Farm fire hubbub exposes two divides that challenge ag

Oversights by author who compiled list of agrifood industry fires and losses should be obvious to those who understand agriculture, but does anti-Biden camp care about that?

The fact that people are blaming commercial farm fires and avian influenza depopulations on the Biden administration shows that people's perceptions about agriculture are clouded by partisan politics.

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World needs to ‘get over’ HPAI vaccine trade restrictions

University of Minnesota poultry health expert says vaccines are a tool that need to be used to protect poultry and their use shouldn’t be avoided over trade worries

Few countries vaccinate poultry for highly pathogenic avian influenza over fear of trade restrictions, but a University of Minnesota poultry health expert thinks that a change in that mindset is necessary.

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Europe’s HPAI outbreak count passes last year’s total

Heavy losses from HPAI in northern Scotland threaten the future of some seabird populations.

In France, the threat of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has been downgraded. In contrast, new outbreaks in poultry have been reported in Bulgaria, Croatia, England, Hungary, the German state of Lower Saxony, and the Ryazan region of Russia.

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