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Poultry Welfare

The latest poultry welfare articles, commentary and research for poultry producers on ethically raising (birds are treated with respect and properly cared for during their lives) broilers, laying hens and turkeys from the editors of Poultry USA, Egg Industry and Poultry International magazines. Register for free to access premium content.


Gut health solutions for poultry production

Learn about gut health scientific research and multi-faceted solutions for poultry production. Sponsored by Kemin.
Learn about gut health scientific research and multi-faceted solutions for poultry production. Sponsored by Kemin.
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Perdue releases 2019 Animal Care Report

The continued learning about alternative breeds, activity and enrichments highlight continued progress in chicken welfare.
Perdue released its 2019 Perdue Commitment to Animal Care Report at the company’s 4th Annual Animal Care Summit held in Salisbury, Md. The summit brought together animal care thought leaders, representatives of animal welfare advocacy groups such as the Humane Society of the United States, Compassion in World Farming and Business Benchmark for Farm Animal Welfare, leading retail and foodservice customers, and Perdue farmers to share updates on the company’s advancements in animal care and garner feedback from the participants.
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Ontario chicken sector gets emergency response commitment

Governments allocate funds to help producers humanely manage chickens in emergency situations
The governments of Canada and Ontario are supporting a project that will build and strengthen the capacity for the chicken industry to effectively and humanely manage chickens in emergency situations.
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Moy Park targeted in Animal Equality UK video

While no direct mistreatment of chickens is shown in video, animal rights group claims chickens are suffering
Animal rights group Animal Equality U.K. has circulated a video, claiming chickens raised by Moy Park and the greater U.K. poultry industry are suffering.
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125 years of poultry experience and passion shape Bell & Evans

Premium poultry brand Bell & Evans has withstood the test of time. Current owner Scott Sechler has spent the last 35 years transforming the way poultry is produced in America and escalating Bell & Evans to new heights, but there’s a rich history behind the brand that spans 125 years and several generations of poultrymen. Read how humble beginnings in poultry dealing and a passion for selling only premium birds led two men from New Jersey to establish the renowned Bell & Evans, and learn how Fredericksburg, Pennsylvania became home to the beloved brand.
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CFO Farming Ops Reps attend Animal Welfare Assessment training

Recently, Chicken Farmers of Ontario’s (CFO) Farming Operations Representatives (FOR) attended an Animal Welfare Assessment training session as an opportunity for continuous learning on animal welfare recognition techniques. The training session was created and held in partnership with the Campbell Center for the Study of Animal Welfare (CCSAW) at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Ontario.
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