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Don't let immunosuppressive diseases compromise broiler performance

Disease experts discuss the importance of managing immunosuppression in broiler flocks. Sponsored by Poultry Health Today.
Immunosuppressive diseases such as infectious bursal disease virus, Marek's and reovirus can compromise a bird's ability to fight off secondary infections. Keeping them in check becomes even more critical as poultry companies reduce or eliminate antibiotics. Poultry Health Today talked with disease experts about the importance of managing immunosuppression in broiler flocks.
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How hatcheries can be ready for animal welfare audits

If you follow the guidelines of the NCC animal welfare audit program, you will be well on your way to passing most welfare audits

While there is a wide variety of auditing programs that assure that poultry hatcheries are following good welfare practices, the National Chicken Council (NCC)-based animal welfare audit guidelines in most cases will put hatchery managers in a “very good position for any audit that a customer our outside firm might do,” said Dallas Wynn, senior manager, animal welfare, Tyson Foods.

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6 reasons for starve-outs and yolk infections in chicks

Veterinarian shares views on ways production methods lead to starve-outs and yolk infections during the first week of a chick's life
Starve-outs and yolk infections of chicks during the first week continue to be of moderate importance, indicating there is still work to be done in breeder hatch egg sanitation, hatchery and brooding management.
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