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Poultry Welfare

The latest poultry welfare articles, commentary and research for poultry producers on ethically raising (birds are treated with respect and properly cared for during their lives) broilers, laying hens and turkeys from the editors of Poultry USA, Egg Industry and Poultry International magazines.


Poultry breeders have ‘compelling’ sustainability story

If more people understood the science and benefits of modern poultry genetics, slower-growing broilers would not be a topic of discussion, animal genomics specialist says
If people truly understood the science behind modern poultry genetics, there would be little justification for the movement toward slower-growing broiler breeds, a University of California, Davis (UCD) extension specialist said.
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Activist shareholder proposals can jeopardize company

By buying shares in a company, animal activists can propose resolutions that can harm companies and those with whom they source animal protein products
Shareholder activisim is a growing challenge for those in the meat, poultry and dairy industries, and one that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.
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2 types of activists challenge animal agriculture

Pragmatists are willing to have a dialogue with livestock and poultry producers, but hardliners are not
When it comes to dealing with animal rights or environmental activists, those involved in livestock and poultry production must first identify what category the activist fits into, based on the passion of their beliefs.
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Activists charged with theft of live Norbest turkeys

Six Direct Action Everywhere members, including co-founder who was earlier arrested in Colorado, face felony charges
Six people face criminal felony charges in Sanpete County, Utah, after being arrested on suspicion of stealing live turkeys that were being raised for processing by Norbest.
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USDA under secretary: Tell the truth about agriculture

Ted McKinney says as false attacks against agriculture continue, it is increasingly important for the industry to tell its story
Ted McKinney, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) under secretary for trade and foreign agricultural affairs, said it is more important now than ever for the farming and food sector to tell its story, because there are plenty of adversaries who are spreading false information.
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