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Consumer group files briefs against animal confinement laws

Center for Consumer Freedom tells court California and Massachusetts laws are unconstitutional and contrary to interstate commerce clause
The Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) has filed friend of the court briefs with the Supreme Court of the United States, the states that are challenging restrictions by California and Massachusetts on what eggs and pork products can be sold in supermarkets.
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NPPC applauds withdraw of organic rule

Listening to the farmers it would have affected, Agriculture Sec. Sonny Perdue announced on Dec. 15 that his agency will withdraw a proposed organic rule for livestock and poultry, a move hailed by the National Pork Producers Council.
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Will Qdoba be freed from ‘animal welfare’ commitments?

Supply chain pledges made by parent company will no longer apply to Mexican restaurant company under new ownership
You won’t find Qdoba’s name in a lot of WATTAgNet news items, but those that do include it pretty much have one thing in common: they are all related to commitments for its animal protein supply chain.
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FDA report on antibiotics validates work by U.S. pig farmers

On-farm practices lead to antibiotic use decline
America's 60,000 pig farmers continue to do what's right on the farm for people, pigs and the planet when it comes to demonstrating their commitment to antibiotic stewardship. That's why the findings in the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's 2016 Summary Report on Antimicrobials Sold or Distributed for Use in Food-Producing Animals came as no surprise, but as a validation of the hard work U.S. pig farmers have put in to reduce the overall need for antibiotics while still protecting the health and welfare of the pigs under their care.
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piglets nursing farrowing crate

Mastitis in sows: A perennial problem

This condition can have serious consequences for the sow and piglets, both in the short and long term.
Inflammation of one or more of the mammary glands is referred to as mastitis. In the lactating sow, clinical onset is about 12 hours postpartum, having started at farrowing.
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pigs eating from feeder

What you should know about gastric ulcers in pigs

A common problem in growing pigs, producers can make nutritional and management changes to reduce the incidence of gastric ulcers.
There are several reasons why pigs develop ulcers. These may be related to stress, management, disease or nutrition.
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PETA, ACLU among groups to sue Iowa over ag-gag law

Law makes it illegal to enter or try to obtain employment at agricultural operations under false pretenses
The State of Iowa is being sued by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) who allege the law violates people’s constitutional rights.
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