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Mycotoxins widespread in US crops in 2018

Neogen’s Capstone Report: Corn, wheat, barley affected by weather conditions during growing season
Neogen has released its 2018 Capstone Report, a review of the 2018 growing and harvest season, and mycotoxin occurrences across the U.S. and Canada.
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Plastic in animal feed a concern for UK farmers

Food recycling program allows a small amount of plastic in animal feed
A food recycling program in the U.K. that turns human food waste in to animal feed is under scrutiny after a report from The Guardian found that plastic fragments from food wrappers is finding its way into animal feed.
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Alltech: High levels of mycotoxins across the U.S.

High levels of risk from DON, zearalenone, fusaric acid, fumonisin and HT-2
Mycotoxins are a concern for livestock producers, as they have toxic properties that affect feed quality as well as animal health and performance.
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