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Turkey Production

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Top 10 turkey companies in the United States

Ten largest turkey producers produced almost 5.9 billion pounds in 2019
The ten largest turkey producers in the United States collectively slaughtered nearly 5.9 billion pounds of live turkeys in the United States in 2019, according to information gathered for the WATTAgNet Top Companies Database.
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Ross Milne

VIDEO: COVID-19 impacting poultry producers' insurance policies

Understanding business interruption insurance, financial loss, changes to worker compensation policies and other risk management topics relating to insurance is critical as the industry works through COVID-19
Business interruption insurance, financial loss, changes to worker compensation policies and other risk management topics relating to poultry producer insurance are all among the important points poultry producers need to consider as the pandemic continues to disrupt poultry businesses.
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Jennie-O Turkey Store improves profit, net sales, volume

Despite declining foodservice sales during second quarter, turkey company reports strong retail, whole bird and commodity sales
Jennie-O Turkey Store saw its segment profit increase 54% for the second quarter of fiscal year, while the Hormel Foods subsidiary’s volumes increased 19% and net sales rose 12%.
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Study links APEC to cellulitis in turkeys

Disease is considered one of the most critical issues facing the turkey industry.
Avian pathogenic Escherichia coli (APEC) may play a role in turkey cellulitis, acting as a gateway organism for the primary cause, finds new research from the University of Georgia.
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West Liberty Foods plans to furlough workers

With a drop in demand for company’s products at restaurants, company will temporarily stop poult placements and, later, suspend some processing operations
Citing a decline in demand for its products as restaurant sales have dropped during the COVID-19 pandemic, West Liberty Foods will make adjustments to its operations that will eventually lead to the furlough of around 300 employees.
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