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Dakota Provisions recognized by COABE for workplace excellence

Dakota Provisions was recognized by the Coalition for Adult Basic Education (COABE) for workplace excellence as the 2018 Outstanding Workplace of the Year for its ongoing collaborative efforts with a local adult education provider to offer English-language instruction to its employees, helping them to integrate into the community and putting them on a path to economic mobility and professional advancement.
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Iowa poultry biosecurity audits ahead of schedule

Audits being conducted in Iowa poultry to safeguard against threat of avian influenza and other diseases
In light of recent cases of avian influenza in the United States and to safeguard against the threat of the virus and other poultry diseases, the Iowa Poultry Association (IPA), in cooperation with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) has nearly completed the process of auditing layer and pullet flocks in the state.
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Canada government invests in turkey industry

Turkey Farmers of Canada receives money to enhance animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety
The Canadian government is investing in the country’s turkey industry by allocating nearly CA$240,000 (US$187,000) to the Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) to assist producers in meeting the highest animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety standards.
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Canada commits funds to help manage avian flu

Government pledges CA$2 million to help Canadian poultry producers manage risks
The Government of Canada has committed nearly CA$2 million (US$1.55 million) to help four poultry industry entities manage avian influenza and other risks.
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Top 10 poultry news stories of March 2018

Learn what poultry-related stories on attracted the most readers during the month of March
Find out what ten poultry-related news stories were read the most during the past month:
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