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2020 US egg industry, a year in review

The year 2020 was one many will not soon forget, but aside from COVID-related issues, what stood out in the . .egg sector?
While COVID-related struggles seemed to be popular among conversation and industry news, other events occurred. Here is a look at some of the 2020 U.S. egg industry happenings.
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Cal-Maine expanding cage-free egg production in Kentucky

World’s largest egg producer is investing $40.1 million to expand its operations in Guthrie, Kentucky
The Cal-Maine Foods Board of Directors approved a $40.1 million capital project to expand the company’s cage-free egg production at its Guthrie, Kentucky, production facility.
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Egg producers need more sustainability guidance

Egg production is the most environmentally sustainable form of animal protein, but a broader and deeper understanding of production methods would help even more.
The egg sector has a strong record in environmental sustainability, but a clearer understanding of management impacts could further improve its performance.
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Use of lasers could be a way to keep avian flu away

Study looks at how using lasers on free-range layer farms deters wild birds that might have the virus from visiting and contaminating the free-range area
The use of lasers could be an effective way to prevent avian influenza from being introduced into free-range poultry flocks, according to a study.
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