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The world’s top 10 egg producers

The world’s leading egg producers have grown mostly in response to strong local demand, but consumer demands are changing, which means some producers must also change to retain their positions.
The combined layer flocks of the top 10 egg producers in the world outnumber all of the residents of Pakistan. Find out which are the world’s egg producers and where they operate.
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Flock of 2.1 million Nebraska layers hit by avian flu

Highly pathogenic avian influenza also confirmed in a Pennsylvania breeder pullet flock

A flock of commercial laying hens in Nebraska and a flock of commercial broiler breeder pullets in Pennsylvania are the latest victims in the highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) outbreak of 2022.

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Managing key pullet, layer gut health challenges

Gut health challenges in laying hens are complex and multifactorial. Feed, farm and health management are all required to achieve persistent layer and breeder flocks.

Learn how addressing a combination of feed, farm and health issues can help to ensure that pullets and laying hens are prepared to overcome challenges and thrive.

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