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Perdue’s Niman Ranch: Demand heading toward Prop 12

Pork company says greater industry should be helping farmers become compliant with California law instead of fighting its implementation

Niman Ranch, a pork production unit of Perdue Farms, is voicing its support of California Proposition 12, stating that the use of gestation stalls is not necessary in pork production.

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OIE becomes WOAH!

Fifteen years after the Office International des Epizooties changed its name to the World Organization for Animal Health, its acronym has followed suit.

The World Organization for Animal Health has finally dropped its legacy acronym, adopting the contraction WOAH.

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US Supreme Court Proposition 12 filings are in motion

Multiple agricultural groups are advancing a lawsuit opposing California’s livestock housing mandate, which could cost the U.S. pork industry US$350 million if not changed.

The National Pork Producer’s Council and the American Farm Bureau Federation filed a preliminary brief in June 2022 with the U.S. Supreme Court detailing allegations describing Proposition 12’s negative impact on the country’s interstate pork market.

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Steve King: Congressional action best way to stop Prop 12

Former member of Congress not giving up on his push to prevent one state from mandating animal production practices in other states

Steve King’s days as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives may be over, but his desire to prevent one state from regulating the way eggs, pork and other agricultural goods are produced elsewhere in the United States remains as strong as ever.

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Apathy, partisanship keep Congress from fighting Prop 12

Rep. Ron Estes once advocated for egg and pig producers by co-sponsoring the Protect Interstate Commerce Act, but he admits little discussion of the matter has happened lately.

A member of the U.S. House of Representatives who once co-sponsored legislation that opposed California's Proposition 12 says there presently isn't much interest in farm animal confinement laws among his peers in Congress.

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Maple Leaf Foods to buy 4 pig farms in Saskatchewan

Addition of Polar Pork assets will enhance secure supply of pork for Maple Leaf Foods
Maple Leaf Foods has reached an agreement to purchase four pig farms in central Saskatchewan from a group of companies known as Polar Pork.
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solutions to keep pigs healthy

6 most common pig diseases worldwide

Symptoms, treatments, preventative measures for the six most common diseases in pre-weaning, post-weaning and breeding
Symptoms, treatments and preventative measures for the six most common diseases in pre-weaning, post-weaning and in breeding animals worldwide
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Phony pork CEO makes Fox eat crow. Learn from it

Direct Action Everywhere activist fools Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo into thinking he is the CEO of Smithfield Foods. Don’t think something like this won’t happen again.
Animal rights activists, including those from Direct Action Everywhere (DxE), have a well-earned reputation about lying about their identity to further their cause.
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Pork Crisis Alert

Olymel workers go the extra mile to avoid depopulation

Workers at three Quebec plants volunteer to work overtime shifts to process surplus hogs
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused thousands of North American meat and poultry plant workers to become ill, causing plants where the slaughter and processing of animals raised for food to either operate with a reduced workforce, or in some cases, suspend plant operations.
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