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Pork Crisis Alert

Olymel workers go the extra mile to avoid depopulation

Workers at three Quebec plants volunteer to work overtime shifts to process surplus hogs
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused thousands of North American meat and poultry plant workers to become ill, causing plants where the slaughter and processing of animals raised for food to either operate with a reduced workforce, or in some cases, suspend plant operations.
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Brazil is ready to cover meat deficit in the US

While the United States is facing a wave of meat processing plant closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies like JBS declare themselves ready to address the deficit.
At the time when the United States has a warning about a possible deficiency of animal protein due to the closure of more than 20 meat and poultry processing plants because of the COVID-19 pandemic, some Brazilian companies have taken advantage of the situation to say they are ready to cover that demand.
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Video: How long will COVID-19 impact livestock markets?

Producers know that the outbreak of COVID-19 has disrupted daily life and caused serious changes in various ag markets; they should not expect that to change anytime soon.
Could reopening the country help increase demands for protein and what should producers do in the meantime?
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young pigs in pasture

Cranswick expands its pig operations with acquisition

With new assets, Cranswick now raises more than 30% of its pigs
United Kingdom pork and poultry company Cranswick has grown through the acquisition of the Buckle family’s pig farming and rearing operation in the U.K., as well as the family’s 50% stake in the White Rose Farms Limited pig production operation.
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China pork

ASF drives Chinese soy meal consumption to 4-year low

Feed demand is down, but pork industry profits likely to soar, USDA says
Despite a seven-month decline in the size of china’s pig herd due to African swine fever, feed demand in China has decreased only marginally. Imports of U.S. soybeans, however, continue to drop dramatically.
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Will the ‘anti-vaxxers' demand vaccine-free poultry?

Claims such as antibiotic free and hormone free are increasingly used by poultry marketers, confusing consumers with multitude of label messages, is vaccine free next?
What happens when our anti-vaxxer consumer becomes concerned with the idea that a vaccine may give chicken, hog, or cattle some sort of permanent health issues, like the ones they claim can result from human vaccination?
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