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The latest information, protocols and research on farm biosecurity to keep contagious diseases and pests from entering livestock farms and spreading to neighboring producers from the editors of WATT PoultryUSA, Poultry International, Egg Industry and Pig International magazines. Topics include risk assessment, risk management and risk communication strategies.


Iowa poultry biosecurity audits ahead of schedule

Audits being conducted in Iowa poultry to safeguard against threat of avian influenza and other diseases
In light of recent cases of avian influenza in the United States and to safeguard against the threat of the virus and other poultry diseases, the Iowa Poultry Association (IPA), in cooperation with the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) has nearly completed the process of auditing layer and pullet flocks in the state.
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Canada government invests in turkey industry

Turkey Farmers of Canada receives money to enhance animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety
The Canadian government is investing in the country’s turkey industry by allocating nearly CA$240,000 (US$187,000) to the Turkey Farmers of Canada (TFC) to assist producers in meeting the highest animal welfare, biosecurity and food safety standards.
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Hy-Line do Brasil awarded compartmentalization status

This is the first layer genetics company to earn this achievement awarded by the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food Supply. Seara Alimentos also got the recognition.
Compartmentalization was established by the OIE in an effort to ensure security of supply to customers during a disease outbreak in a country.
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Every poultry operation needs a biosecurity coordinator

Coordinator will develop, implement, maintain and revise biosecurity plan as needed
With two recent cases of avian influenza reported in the United States and two cases in Mexico, it is particularly important that all poultry operations have a good biosecurity plan in place, as well as a specific person designated as the biosecurity coordinator.
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Survey reveals Scottish backyard poultry disease threat

A recent study indicates that many backyard poultry keepers and small egg producers lack knowledge of good biosecurity practices to keep avian influenza and other diseases at bay
New research has revealed a gap in knowledge about disease control practices in many of Scotland’s small-scale poultry keepers and egg producers.
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Biomapping watches for Salmonella-friendly conditions

By regularly monitoring these organisms over time, production and processing facilities can keep tabs consistently on their Salmonella risk.
As opposed to trying to find the Salmonella needle in the food plant haystack, biomapping looks for conditions that make those needles more common.
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5 steps to improve biosecurity on farms

How much protection is needed? What diseases do you need to prevent? How much can you justify to spend on insurance? These are some of the questions every producer should answer to establish biosecurity protocols.
The director of GP Production & Internal Vet Services at Hy-Line International offered tips on biosecurity for egg producers and breeders at the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE).
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Biosecurity basics course to be offered at 2018 IPPE

Avian influenza is a major concern for the poultry industry. The best way to prevent avian influenza on poultry farms is by incorporating biosecurity measures. At the 2018 International Production & Processing Expo (IPPE) in Atlanta, U.S. Poultry & Egg Association (USPOULTRY) is hosting a biosecurity program designed for poultry and egg producers and live operations personnel.
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