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6 Mycoplasma prevention, control strategies for broilers

For broiler producers, there are a number of key prevention and control procedures that must be followed to protect their flocks from the losses that can occur from Mycoplasma infection.
Learn how economic losses due to Mycoplasma infection can be prevented or controlled by following 6 key broiler flock management techniques
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Use of lasers could be a way to keep avian flu away

Study looks at how using lasers on free-range layer farms deters wild birds that might have the virus from visiting and contaminating the free-range area
The use of lasers could be an effective way to prevent avian influenza from being introduced into free-range poultry flocks, according to a study.
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Europe warned to be on high alert for avian flu

Warning follows recent surge in cases in Russia and Kazakhstan
A new report urges European countries to prepare for likely outbreaks of avian influenza in poultry and other birds in the coming months. The advice follows a recent spike in outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in Russia and Kazakhstan. There have also been new cases in Vietnamese poultry, while the mild form of the disease has been detected among more South African commercial ostriches, and in captive birds at a German zoo.
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Don’t overlook these areas of hatchery hygiene

Equipment needs to be clean and dry to maximize chick quality, Aviagen specialist says
Stringent hygiene in the hatchery can help minimize contaminations and maximize the quality of your chicks, said Eddy Van Lierde, Aviagen hatchery specialist.
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How COVID-19 affected avian flu response in Carolinas

Pandemic added to the concerns of response teams as they tried to rid turkey farms of avian influenza during the spring months
Responding to an avian influenza outbreak is an ordeal under any circumstance. But when the virus struck in North Carolina and South Carolina during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic, animal health officials had to deal with a new set of challenges.
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How clean is your poultry processing plant?

Study establishes Salmonella persistence on processing equipment even after sanitation
Even with strict adherence to cleaning and sanitation protocols, Salmonella enterica may be surviving in poultry processing plants presenting a risk of cross contamination.
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Ron Prestage joins Anitox board of directors

New board member brings experience from family-owned hog and turkey production company Prestage Farms
Ron Prestage has joined the board of directors of Anitox, feed pathogen control and milling efficiency specialist and maker of Termin-8.
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