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8 steps to effectively compost poultry

University of Maryland’s Dr. Gary Felton offers his cookbook for proper composting

Composting has proven to be a convenient, affordable, socially acceptable and environmentally acceptable way to dispose of poultry carcasses, but in order to be effective and biosecure, there is a certain “cookbook” that poultry producers should follow.

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Colombia is winning the battle against Newcastle disease

The objective of self-declaring Newcastle disease-free was finally achieved by Colombian poultry producers and authorities.
Columbia has struggled to fight Newcastle disease in its poultry flocks, but has now declared itself free of the disease and should work with other countries to export its poultry.
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Poultry biosecurity: The book for 2021

This new comprehensive book of poultry biosecurity in Spanish encompasses all the pertinent knowledge of how to handle a farm to avoid disease spreading and promote safety and profitability.
A new poultry biosecurity book written in Spanish encompasses all the pertinent knowledge of how a farm can avoid disease spreading and promote safety and profitability.
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How to reduce avian flu spread at Asian poultry markets

Simple and inexpensive changes could reduce the risk of people becoming infected with avian flu virus from poultry, according to new research from Vietnam.
As recently as one month ago, authorities in Vietnam registered a further 40 outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in poultry.
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Even Moses knew about biosecurity

Basic biosecurity principles have been the same for centuries, but there are still opportunities for improvement, Wayne Farms veterinarian says

Dr. Joel Cline, corporate veterinarian for Wayne Farms, says the basic principles of biosecurity in the poultry industry have not changed in decades.

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Wageningen study shows lasers prevent avian flu’s spread

Lasers prove effective in deterring migrating waterfowl from appearing on poultry farms
Wageningen University released the results of research on a poultry farm that suffered visits from wild waterfowl, which are a source of the avian influenza virus (AIV
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