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Battery Cages

The latest poultry housing research, articles and commentary covering conventional or battery cages, a housing system for egg-laying hens. Battery cages are typically rows and columns of the same-sized cages connected together with a shared divider wall creating the cells of a battery. Register for free to access premium content.



Old US caged laying systems may find new home in Rwanda

Cage egg production systems on their way out in U.S., but still could help give Rwanda a more dependable supply of eggs, former Tyson CEO Donnie Smith says
Donnie Smith, former CEO of Tyson Foods and founder of the African Sustainable Agriculture Project (ASAP), would love to see Rwandan agriculture become more self-sufficient and the country to be more food secure.
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With small poultry farms, everyone wins

In countries like France and the Netherlands, poultry farms are small, but it does not mean that they do not have relations with each other
Benjamín Ruiz tells his experience visiting a small poultry farm in France with both types of egg production: in cages, and free-range.
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Happier hens could mean you pay more for eggs

New AAEA member research looks at impact of developing animal welfare laws
Each year Americans eat an average of 250 eggs, and right now there is a surplus in most parts of the country because of increased production. In California, however there is a decrease in the number of eggs being laid. Why? It could be a case of happier hens.
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California animal welfare laws led to higher egg prices, lower production

Laws that changed animal confinement standards in California raised the price of eggs dramatically upon adoption and have kept prices higher than had the laws not been enacted, according to a Purdue University study. An analysis of the laws’ effects on egg production and prices in California could inform other states considering similar legislation.
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Will Europe’s egg producers go cage free?

Enriched, or colony, cages, may go the same way as conventional cages as retailer pressure grows on Europe’s egg producers to go cage free.
As egg producers around the world face pressure to go cage free, Europe may have to abandon colony cages for its laying hens.
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