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Enriched Cages

The latest enriched, furnished or modified cages housing research, articles and commentary for egg laying hen producers. These poultry housing systems are designed to address the welfare concerns of battery cages, as well as high laying performance and egg quality. Register for free to access premium content.


aisles of layers in cages with eggs

Scratch mat design has no impact on layer foraging behavior

Enrichment can help hens demonstrate natural behaviors and reduce pecking.
Differences in the size, location and makeup of a scratch mat appears to have little to no impact on the amount of foraging behavior demonstrated by layer hens in enriched cages, according to a new report from researchers at Scotland’s Rural College.
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Iowa State opens new poultry teaching and research farm

The new Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Farm cost nearly $7 million and was made possible solely through private funding.
The new Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Farm includes dedicated spaces for teaching and research and a welcome area where visitors can see firsthand examples of Iowa egg production systems and learn about Iowa egg production.
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Top 20 US egg producers in 2020

Learn more about the companies WATT Global Media ranked as the top egg producers in 2020.
The top 20 U.S. egg producers, according to data from Egg Industry’s Top Egg Company Survey.
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Is it time to reconsider caging laying hens?

Consumer beliefs that cage-free egg production automatically leads to higher layer welfare do not stand up to scrutiny.
Choosing the right housing system for laying hens must consider a variety of demands, and cages may be the best option when considering competing concerns.
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