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Trade show SPACE highlights ways to tackle climate change

From biogas to better buildings, there are numerous ways that poultry and other agricultural producers can play their part in cutting emissions.

From adopting traditional hedgerow management, to investing in modern, more efficient buildings and waste management, poultry and other agricultural producers can implement changes that will slow climate change.

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CP Foods commits to clean energy

The Thailand-based company will transition to clean energy options like biomass, biogas and solar panels

Charoen Pokphand Foods PLC (CP Foods) has made environmental goals ranging from reducing carbon emissions to cleaning the ocean. 

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Chick–fil–A will repurpose used cooking oil

Darling Ingredients will be collecting used cooking oil from all Chick–fil–A restaurants to convert into diesel fuel

Darling Ingredients is partnering with Chick–fil–A, Inc. to convert the restaurant chain’s used cooking oil into cleaner burning renewable transportation fuel. 

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Why some farmers support a Biden presidency

Farmers roundtable participants share thoughts about how Biden Plan for Rural America will improve the economic health of US farmers
What will the U.S. agriculture industry be like under a Joe Biden presidency and Kamala Harris vice presidency?
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Rose Acre Farms, partners to install agricultural microgrid

Sustainability initiative benefits the farm and local community.
Egg producer Rose Acre Farms is joining forces with North Carolina’s Electric Cooperatives and Tideland EMC to develop an agricultural microgrid that brings enhanced environmental sustainability and power grid resiliency to the farm and surrounding community.
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Bioenergy DevCo AgriRecycle anaerobic digestion facility mock up.

Anaerobic digestion tackles the mess of poultry waste

Bioenergy DevCo, Perdue Farms partner on AgriRecycle composting facility
Bioenergy DevCo, a global developer of sustainable waste processing plants, will take over management of Perdue Farms’ AgriRecycle poultry waste composting facility located in Seaford, Delaware, according to a deal announced November 21.
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Renderers urge higher renewable fuel standard at EPA hearing

In testimony on July 31 before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. rendering industry and the California Advanced Biofuels Alliance called for a higher Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) volume to increase production of environmentally-friendly biodiesel and renewable diesel. 
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Feed manufacture contributes to food chain circular economy

Economic and environmental benefits can be achieved by the use of a wide range of co-products from the food and biofuels industries.
Economic and environmental benefits can be achieved by the use of a wide range of co-products from the food and biofuels industries in compound feeds for livestock, aquaculture species and companion animals.
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