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Maple Leaf Foods urges greater action on climate change

Canadian protein company publishes an open letter to the world's governments urging greater collaboration in the fight against climate change
Maple Leaf Foods reinforced its commitment to environmental leadership as one of 50 major global businesses, and the only protein company, which have published an open letter to the world's governments urging greater collaboration in the fight against climate change.
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Could switching to chicken help mitigate climate change?

New publication argues that switching from red to white and alternative meats, and farming more intensively could cut greenhouse gas emissions.
Consuming more chicken and pork in place of beef and lamb could free up land for reforestation and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new land use report from the UK which argues that eating habits and agricultural production must change to slow climate change.
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Is it time to reconsider caging laying hens?

Consumer beliefs that cage-free egg production automatically leads to higher layer welfare do not stand up to scrutiny.
Choosing the right housing system for laying hens must consider a variety of demands, and cages may be the best option when considering competing concerns.
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ADM recognized for outstanding sustainability leadership

Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture has awarded its 2018 Collaboration of the Year Award to Archer Daniels Midland Company, General Mills and Agrible for their work on the Southern Plains Wheat Fieldprint Project, which helps farmers in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri to measure and improve natural resource management efficiency for winter wheat production.
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