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Are enviro-scores the future of food labels?

Sustainability rating systems could become commonplace within two to three years, expert predicts.
Enviro-scores – which measure the environmental impact of food production – could be the latest trend in product labeling, Dr. David Hughes, an international speaker on food and drink industry issues, predicted during Connecting the Dots with Dr. Food!

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Smithfield: Animal activists behaving like Antifa

Animal rights activist behaviors are becoming increasingly aggressive, so it is imperative to counter those actions with transparency

The chief sustainability officer (CSO) of Smithfield Foods said animal rights activists are becoming more and more aggressive, comparing their extremist actions to those of Antifa. 

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New Asda chicken packaging marks move away from plastic

Company expects use of new packaging will save 450 metric tons of plastic annually
Asda, a retailer based in the United Kingdom (U.K.), is launching new packaging across its entire chicken range, which is expected to save 450 metric tons of plastic each year.
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Egg farmers need more customizable carbon reporting

Sustainable production is coming under ever more scrutiny and egg farmers need to look closely at their individual production decisions.

New technologies that help to evaluate environmental impact may benefit egg producers as investors, retailers and consumers increasingly scrutinize sustainability.

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Mountaire $205 million wastewater suit settlement accepted

Terms of settlement include $140 million for upgrades and maintenance at its facilities and $65 million to people claiming damages from Mountaire’s environmental practices

A Delaware Superior Court judge approved a $205 million settlement between Mountaire Farms and a group of Millsboro, Delaware, area residents who claimed that Mountaire’s wastewater treatment and disposal practices caused serious illnesses, miscarriages and declining property values.

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Scandi Standard initiates food waste reduction measures

Sweden-based company develops program to minimize floor waste while also creating an ingredients division

In an effort to minimize food waste and find uses for all edible parts of the chicken, Scandi Standard has initiated a floor waste reduction program and started an ingredients business.

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