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Greek food-to-feed pilot hailed a success

Program processes 1.5 metric tons of food waste material daily for animal feed
A pilot program to turn food waste into animal feed on the Greek island of Crete is processing 1.5 metric tons of material daily from the hospitality sector as part of a national waste management plan.
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In research and reality slower-growing birds costs more

Changing to slower-growing breeds will negatively impact the environment and the sustainability of the poultry industry.
A widespread switch to slower-growing broiler genetics would require the chicken industry to use far more resources, and charge significantly higher prices, to produce the same amount of meat.
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Define feed’s role in sustainable animal production

Educate your customers on how feed contributes to each of the three pillars of sustainability
Feed industry should educate its customers - and consumers - about feed's contribution to the three pillars of sustainable animal production.
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Cargill, Heifer International bring Hatching Hope to Mexico

The Hatching Hope Global Initiative will connect Mexican women smallholder farmers with private sector buyers to improve nutrition and livelihoods
Cargill and Heifer International are expanding their Hatching Hope Global Initiative into three southeastern states in Mexico.
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Pilgrim's releases 2018 Sustainability Report

Pilgrim’s Pride Corporation announced the release of its 2018 Sustainability Report on Aug. 14. The interactive digital report provides a comprehensive overview of the company’s recent achievements and progress toward 2020 sustainability goals.
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Tesco promotes alternatives for salmon feed

UK retailers encourages suppliers to use more sustainable aquafeeds such as algal oil
U.K. grocery retailer Tesco is encouraging the aquaculture industry to use more sustainable alternatives to fish oil, such as algal oil, in aquafeeds.
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Might feeding broilers insects affect meat quality?

Meat derived from insect-fed chickens may appear more palatable to consumers than eating insects directly, but is that meat as good as standard meat?
The buzz around using insects in poultry feed continues to grow, but what about the meat derived from such birds? Will it look and taste the same, or be as good for you?
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