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Study: Slower-growing birds would harm environment

A new study estimates as many as 68 percent more slower-growing broiler birds would be needed to produce the same amount of breast meat as conventional birds.
Slower-growing broiler birds could bring a far more significant environmental and economic impact than previously estimated, according to a new study.
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Tyson Foods receives third-party poultry handling certification

USPOULTRY program supports company’s ongoing commitment to animal welfare
As part of its commitment to animal welfare, Tyson Foods, Inc. has implemented a third-party certification program to help ensure the proper handling and transportation of birds in its chicken business.
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Cargill bolsters commitment to deforestation-free supply chains

New sustainability policies and human rights commitment reinforce company’s intent to operate more sustainable supply chains while supporting agricultural development
Cargill has launched a South America Sustainable Soy Policy, a Human Rights Commitment and an updated Forest Policy.
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