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Poultry wastewater could be used to irrigate crops

Wastewater treatment cost the poultry industry more than $247 million in 2018.
Researchers at Auburn University have received a four-year $499,577 grant from the National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) to investigate the possibility of using poultry processing wastewater to irrigate crops in controlled-environment agriculture.
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HKScan aiming at carbon-neutral food production

Nordic company seeks carbon neutrality of its own industrial production by the end of 2025
HKScan has set the goal of carbon neutrality of its own industrial production by the end of 2025 and carbon neutrality of the entire food chain from farms to consumers by the end of 2040 at the latest.
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JBS selected for B3 Carbon Efficient Index

Brazil-based company announces recent developments on the sustainability front
Brazil-based meat and poultry company JBS has been selected to be part of the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2) of the B3 stock exchange, which will be valid January 4- April 30 of 2021.
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Where’s Coach Luther Van Dam when agriculture needs him?

Fictional coach’s concerns about feeding a growing population nearly 30 years ago are still relatable today
A common question asked among agrifood professionals, whether while speaking at industry events or within their own operations is, “How are we going to feed a growing world population?”
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How to use more alternative ingredients in poultry feed

Including alternative feed ingredients in broiler diets can be challenging but, with the right tools, producers can successfully use what may be more sustainable option.
Learn how employing the correct tools can facilitate the use of alternative ingredients, helping to further raise poultry production’s sustainability profile
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Precision nutrition: What will it really look like?

There remains a lot of uncertainty around precision nutrition in the poultry industry but what is certain is that producers who ignore it risk falling badly behind
The promises of precision nutrition would appear to offer huge gains for poultry producers. Learn what may be the best strategy for keeping abreast of fast changing developments.
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How poultry processors can beat COVID-19, plastic threats

Among the most pressing issues for poultry processors is maintaining productivity while working with COVID-19 restrictions and reducing their environmental impact through plastic reduction.
COVID-19 and environmental impact are two major challenges for the poultry processing industry but there are ways that these issues can be addressed.
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