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5 digital food marketing trends for poultry producers

A Google account executive gives inside perspective as to what drives consumers’ food-buying decisions in an electronically obsessed era.
A Google account executive discusses various consumer wants and trends that companies should consider when analyzing their marketing plans.
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Harim Group to export processed chicken to Philippines

Company says this will be the first time for a South Korean company to export a processed chicken product to another market
South Korean poultry company Harim Group will begin selling chicken products in the Philippines, the company stated.
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BRF finances hit by trade boundaries, trucker strike

Brazil-based company reports BRL1.6 billion net loss for second quarter
BRF reported a net loss of BRL1.6 billion (US$408 million) for the second quarter of fiscal year 2018, attributing some of the company’s financial struggles to a Brazilian trucker strike and by trade restrictions.
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Is plant closure bad omen for Global Animal Partnership?

‘Economics’ cited as reason for closure of one plant that processed GAP-certified poultry
The slower-growing broiler and Global Animal Partnership (GAP) movements recently suffered a setback, as it was announced that the Crystal Lake Farms poultry processing plant in Jay, Oklahoma, would be shutting down.
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BRF launches antibiotic-free chicken line

Sadia Bio products also feature vegetable-based diets and traceable packaging
BRF has launched a new line of chicken products, in which the birds used for the products will be raised without antibiotics and will be fed a vegetable-based feed.
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