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Chicken is the protein of choice, even for holidays

NCC survey reals consumers are turning to a cheaper protein for small gatherings this holiday season
In a year that has been everything but normal, a traditional meal sounds like just the ticket. However, with the current economic problems some people are facing and the smaller gatherings I suppose I understand the desire for serving the economically friendly and easy to prepare chicken.
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South African company wants to expand meat’s definition

Mzansi Meat co-founder talks about the emergence of a cell-cultured food company in South Africa
The co-founder of a new cell-cultured food company in South Africa knows that meat is central to the country’s culture, but he feels confident that cell-based products under development by the company will gain widespread acceptance.
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Jennie-O Turkey

USDA: Turkey retail prices may not reflect market prices

Wholesale turkey prices are actually running higher than they were a year ago, USDA analyst Shayle Shagam says
Consumers may be noticing turkey prices at retail are on par with and even lower than what they paid in advance of Thanksgiving one year ago. However, Shayle Shagam, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) livestock analyst, said wholesale prices are actually above what they were a year ago.
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Tyson Foods seeking turnaround in chicken business

Improvement ‘is going to take some time,’ Tyson CEO says
Tyson Foods CEO Dean Banks acknowledges that the company’s chicken business is not performing as well as it should. A turnaround is expected, he said, adding “it’s going to take some time.”
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Tyson optimistic about plant-based portfolio’s future

Raised & Rooted products are now in more than 10,000 stores, chief financial officer says
Tyson Foods’ venture into the plant-based protein sector has been hugely successful to date, and should reach new heights in the near future, two of the company’s top executives said.
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