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How can proteins build trust with skeptical consumers?

Chicken and turkey scored high in compared to other proteins, according to research from Technomic.

Consumer trust in government, media and businesses declined during the COVID-19 pandemic. This poses a challenge to the meat and poultry industries, since modern consumers want to buy from brands they trust and they’re willing to pay more for that trust.

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8 steps to effectively compost poultry

University of Maryland’s Dr. Gary Felton offers his cookbook for proper composting

Composting has proven to be a convenient, affordable, socially acceptable and environmentally acceptable way to dispose of poultry carcasses, but in order to be effective and biosecure, there is a certain “cookbook” that poultry producers should follow.

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Newly named company announces animal-free egg white protein

Previously Clara Foods, The EVERY Company uses gene edited yeast to produce a protein supplement containing proteins found naturally in egg whites.

The San-Francisco based company, founded in 2014, just announced a product, known as the EVERY ClearEgg, that’s marketed as the first animal-free egg white protein.

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How are pests finding cage-free houses and egg packers?

As companies transition from conventional to cage-free housing, all vectors of transportation should be considered to keep pests and rodents to a minimum.

Much of the U.S. egg industry is gradually transitioning to cage-free housing for laying hens. Good pest management is an important part of an egg producer’s food safety program.

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Cage-free layer houses are not ‘alternative’ anymore

Consumer willingness to pay the additional cost of cage-free egg production is still in question while U.S. egg producers continue to build new cage-free housing in advance to implementation of cage-free housing legislation and cage-free egg purchase pledges.

Many factors play a role in the shift of layer housing to cage-free, including state law changes, consumer demand and housing costs, but there seems to be a disconnect between what consumers are asking for and what they want.

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