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ASF re-emergence in Americas a warning to all

African swine fever has returned to the Americas after an absence of almost 40 years. Should the poultry industry be worried?
The re-emergence of African swine fever in the Dominican Republic is a warning to all animal protein producers to never let biosecurity lapse.
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Amid martial law, Jamaica Broilers limits Haiti operations

Following assassination of Haitian president and declaration of martial law, company keeps only a small crew on the job for care of birds
Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG) scaled down its operations in Haiti, following the assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and the declaration of martial law in the country.
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First hatchery opens in Dominica

Broiler and layer chicks from the Caribbean island’s first hatchery are proving popular

Supplies of broiler and layer chicks from the first hatchery in the Caribbean island of Dominica are proving popular with the local poultry farmers. Already the company owning the hatchery is planning Dominica’s first feed mill, and a farm that breeds pigs.

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US sees surge of poultry exports to Cuba

Increased demand for U.S. chicken appears to be connected to more money to spend
While Cuba has in recent years been one of the largest destination for U.S. poultry exports, the country’s demand for such products has seen a huge uptick since late 2020.
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Jamaica Broilers’ Jamaican, US operations improve

However, political and economic instability in Haiti negatively affect company’s Haitian operations
The Jamaica Broilers Group saw an improvement in its Jamaican and U.S. segments’ results, but a decline in its Haitian segment’s results for the six-month period ending on October 26.
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Puerto Rico struggles to continue with cockfights

Cockfights will be illegal in all U.S. territories from Dec. 20, following a federal ban, but Puerto Rican political leaders demand that it should not come into effect.
“This is an industry that represents more than $18 million in our economy and also more than 27,000 direct and indirect jobs on the island,” said Puerto Rican Congresswoman Jenniffer González.
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Top world broiler, egg rankings for 2019

A few companies continue to dominate our listings, but not everything stays the same.
The same leading poultry companies hold the top spots again in the ranking of top broiler and egg rankings this year, but that does not mean the industry is not evolving.
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Jamaica Broilers acquires Gentry’s Poultry plant

Acquisition completes Jamaica Broilers’ vertically integrated model in the United States
The Jamaica Broilers Group is continuing its expansion into the United States, as the company reached an agreement to acquire the Gentry’s Poultry Company plant in Ward, South Carolina.
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