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MHP relocates employees in eastern Ukraine

MHP temporarily suspended operations in eastern Ukraine but expects sowing to continue in the rest of the country

Ukrainian poultry and grain company MHP SE suspended operations at its Ukrainian Bacon plant due to the Russian invasion but is cautiously moving ahead with plans for spring sowing. 

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Tyson: two injured at PA facility

Two Tyson employees have been hospitalized after suffering injuries from sulfuric acid

Two Tyson Foods Inc. employees have been hospitalized with burns after an accident at Tyson’s water treatment plant in New Holland, Pennsylvania.

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How robots can improve efficiency in poultry production

Learn how this technology automates welfare and health monitoring to augment labor shortages on the farm.

Robotic technology monitors poultry welfare, health and the environment parameters in the house during production. The technology frees up human workers for other tasks and converts real-time data about a poultry flock into actionable insights for farmers.

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Mountaire Farms fined for alleged safety violations

Mountaire Farms has been issued a citation by the North Carolina Department of Labor after an investigation into employee complaints

Mountaire Farms faces a $21,000 fine after the North Carolina Department of Labor cited the company for one alleged repeat serious violation and one alleged serious violation of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of North Carolina.

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Lawsuit accuses Pilgrim’s of racial discrimination

Plaintiff alleges he did nothing wrong and was harassed based on his race

A former Pilgrim’s Pride employee filed a lawsuit against the company for alleged racial discrimination and retaliatory termination after he was allegedly assaulted by a white co-worker.

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