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Judge rules against poultry sector in Oklahoma water case

The 18-year-old court case accused poultry companies of playing a role in high phosphorous levels in Oklahoma water

A federal judge on January 18 ruled against a group of 13 poultry companies and their subsidiaries accused of contributing to high phosphorous levels in water supplies in the eastern part of Oklahoma.

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Do Good Foods launches carbon reduced eggs

A dozen of the company's Do Good Eggs will save approximately one pound of greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere

Do Good Foods, a climate-forward food company that upcycles leftover grocery store food into animal feed, has announced its new product, Do Good Eggs. 

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How poultry production can adapt to climate change

Poultry production will need to adapt to climate change’s emerging challenges. Thankfully, there are numerous approaches that could offer solutions.

Climate change will make poultry production increasingly difficult in some regions, but work is already underway to help the industry to adapt.

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How the poultry sector can better manage water resources

As demand for poultry meat rises, greater pressure will be put on water resources, but there are ways that chicken producers can use water more sparingly.

Demand for water in the poultry industry is set to rise, yet available water is coming under more pressure. There are, however, numerous ways producers can make better use of this valuable resource.

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KFC, Tria develop compostable packaging

The alternative packaging can be turned into compost within 24 hours

Singapore is facing a plastic waste crisis, and KFC Singapore is making efforts to reduce its contribution by switching to alternative compostable packaging for its chicken, sandwiches and other items. By partnering with sustainable foodware company, Tria, KFC Singapore will begin what it is calling the “world’s first” closed-loop single-use packaging pilot program, according to Packaging Insights

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UK meat and poultry company fined for illegal discharge

Cranswick Country Foods has received a fine for the accidental discharge of material from its factory in Norfolk in the United Kingdom

Investigations by U.K. government body, the Environment Agency, have revealed that waste liquid from a Cranswick Country Foods pork slaughterhouse was accidentally discharged into a nearby watercourse in August of 2019.

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Elanco: Real or not, climate change can’t be ignored

Consumers and investors are concerned about climate change, so agrifood industry needs to develop and carry out plans to battle it

The debate over whether climate change is real or not should be immaterial to those in agrifood production, Elanco president Jeff Simmons said while speaking at the Ag Outlook Forum on September 26.

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Trade show SPACE highlights ways to tackle climate change

From biogas to better buildings, there are numerous ways that poultry and other agricultural producers can play their part in cutting emissions.

From adopting traditional hedgerow management, to investing in modern, more efficient buildings and waste management, poultry and other agricultural producers can implement changes that will slow climate change.

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