Plettenburg Manure Drying BV

Hezingen 7662PB

Company Overview
Hooidijk 80
Hezingen 7662PB
The results of 20 years of innovative technology, on-going development of market-orientated solutions, are the Plettenburg manure drying systems. The systems contain a wide span of air handling units of 2.000 m3/h up to 90.000 m3/h air capacity. From heat exchangers (counter flow and cross flow) including cooling to air-mixing installations. Plettenburg Manure drying has experience in the area of air-filtering, including high quality pocket filters with or without pre-filters, and fully automated filter cleaning with high pressure filters. Each air handling unit is engineered carefully to meet all the requirements of the clients. The systems fit in every kind of poultry operation no matter what system manufacturer. From manure belt battery, floor operation to aviary houses.
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