Regal Chlorinators

Stuart, Florida 34995

Company Overview
PO Box 1518
Stuart, Florida 34995
United States
Toll Free:1.800.327.9761
The REGAL gas chlorinator has served the poultry industry for over 25 years, and was the first gas chlorinator to enter the poultry market. REGAL gas chlorinators aid in disinfection of poultry drinking water. Many growers using REGAL have reported improvements in their flocks and profits - due to increased weight gain, lower mortality, better feed conversion, fewer clogged nipples, and decreases in operating costs. In addition to the live production benefits, processing plants use REGAL for the disinfection of carcasses, equipment, personnel, and clean-up water. REGAL gas chlorinators are safe, easy to maintain, and reduce downtime and operating costs.
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