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    Litter management between flocks & switchgrass bedding

    September 09, 2015

    How litter is managed before, during, and after each flock is a key factor for successful poultry growers. Litter management starts with the previous flock, and management of litter is critical between flocks.

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    Food Safety and the Poultry Industry

    Commented on: March 01, 2012

    " I enjoyed the Webinar and was looking forward to seeing Drs. Bailey and McKee’s presentations at"


    Sandra Aehle

    Technical Manager

    Lohmann Animal Health International / Lohmann Integrated Solutions


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    Avian influenza: Control efforts and trade impacts

    Recorded on: June 10, 2015

    The highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza virus (H5N8) that originated in Asia first spread to Europe and North Africa and then in the winter of 2014-2015 came to North America. Once in North Am...