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    You Never Have to Recover from A Good Start: The Importance of Early Flock Performance and Recent Innovations in Hatchery Probiotics

    May 07, 2014

    Industry experts will discuss the benefits that derive from increased 7-day weights and reduced early mortality, as well as new approaches to achieving these performance objectives.  Speakers will be ...

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    Subclinical Chicken Anemia Virus infection: Preventing immunosuppression induced by CAV in your flocks

    May 14, 2014

    During this one-hour educational webinar learn about the impact of subclinical Chicken Anemia Virus (CAV) infection and the role of CAV maternally derived antibodies. Subclinical infection with CAV is...

    Global overview on avian influenza

    May 06, 2014

    The impact of avian influenza on poultry production is undeniable. In 2011-2012, 19 countries reported outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza in domestic poultry, wild birds or both. Over 30 m...

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    Food Safety and the Poultry Industry

    Commented on: March 01, 2012

    " I enjoyed the Webinar and was looking forward to seeing Drs. Bailey and McKee’s presentations at"


    Sandra Aehle 

    Technical Manager 

    Lohmann Animal Health International / Lohmann Integrated Solutions


  • On-Demand Spotlight

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    Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus discussion at IPPE 2014

    Recorded on: January 29, 2014

    This program will bring together industry and academic representatives to review technical best practices related to pig health, farm management and feed and nutrition.

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