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    Infectious Bronchitis – Using PCR analysis to identify the predominant strain

    January 13, 2015

    Advances in molecular technology now make it possible to pinpoint the strains of infectious bronchitis (IB) affecting poultry flocks and to tailor a vaccine programme that can more effectively control the disease.  By comparing sequences of commercial infectious bronchitis (IB) vaccine strains to those in the field, it is possible to determine if an IB field strain is identical to a vaccine IB strain or different in a defined way.

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    Current IB challenges and tools for building optimum protection: Focus on U.S.

    January 19, 2015

    Infectious Bronchitis threatens nearly every poultry operation, and the effects are significant: respiratory disease, kidney damage, oviduct damage and reduced performance, among other challenges. And prevention of IB season after season is complex.

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    Food Safety and the Poultry Industry

    Commented on: March 01, 2012

    " I enjoyed the Webinar and was looking forward to seeing Drs. Bailey and McKee’s presentations at"


    Sandra Aehle

    Technical Manager

    Lohmann Animal Health International / Lohmann Integrated Solutions


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    Global overview on avian influenza

    Recorded on: June 05, 2014

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