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    Preventing Economic Losses from CAV and IBDV synergism

    March 11, 2015

    "Reduced productive performance and/or damage to immune organs have been associated with infection with chicken anemia virus (CAV) and infectious bursal disease virus (IBDV). In addition, a synergistic effect between CAV and IBDV has also been reported."

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    Subclinical Chicken Anemia Virus infection: Preventing immunosuppression induced by CAV in your flocks

    Commented on: May 15, 2014

    "Really excellent effort made by you. Thanks and my regards."

    Dr. Ibrar Hussain
    AHRAR Group

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    Expert Outlook of Mycotoxin Occurrence 2014

    Recorded on: December 03, 2014

    Due to changes in global climatic conditions, the occurrence of mycotoxins is a great concern for livestock and poultry producers. With more than three decades of experience, BIOMIN experts will prese...