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Wen's Food Group
Wen's Food Group is expanding its presence in China with the creation of the Northeast Pig Company. | Andrea Gantz
on December 2, 2015

Wen's Food Group expands operations in Northeast China

Northeast Pig Company will be 11th professional pig farming operation affiliated with Wen's Food Group

Wen's Food Group has announced that its new branch, Northeast Pig Company, was founded in northeast China, the 11th professional pig farming operation affiliated with Wen's Food Group.

In August 2011, the group signed the contract of two projects with the government of Chaoyang City Liaoning: the production project with an output of one million head of pigs and the corn storage and processing project with a capacity of one million tons, marking the beginning of the group’s expansion into the Northeast China. In April 2013, Wen's Food Group signed a Strategic Framework Agreement on the five-million-head pig production project with the government of Jilin Province. After yearsof development, the swine production projects in Southeast China have taken shape, laying the foundation for an efficient pig production model for Wen's.

The Northeast Pig Company which will manage the overall business in the Northeast Region in the future, currently runs eight integrated branch companies. 

When commenting on the national presence of Wen's Group, president Wen Zhifen told,"It is now very difficult to find a place for pig farming and it wouldn’t be enough if we just confined ourselves in the south. In recent years, Wen's has been expanding business in Northeast and Northwest China and the inland regions such as Shaanxi, Shanxi, Yunnan and Guizhou. Five years ago we set up our base with a design capacity of ten million head of pigs in the Northeast where abundant grain and rich land resources are available. We found our growth engine.”

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