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Laura Fernandez

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US pig industry sees move from antibiotics as opportunity

New guidelines significantly change how antibiotics have been used in the U.S. swine industry for decades.
Pigs that were born after the veterinary feed directive (VFD) went into affect in January are now reaching market weight and giving the 60,000 pork producers in the U.S. a glimpse at how eliminating feed-grade antibiotics impacts the industry.
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FEFAC guidelines stress responsible soy imports to EU

The International Trade Centre benchmarking tools shows nine global soy programs meet FEFAC’s recommendations for responsibly sourced soybeans.
As FEFAC gathers a larger share of existing soy programs, the goal is to have a bigger impact on how soy is produced and to achieve a larger market supply of responsible soy for the European feed market.
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US pig industry puzzled by Senecavirus A spike

A virus with clinical similarities to foot and mouth disease is recirculating the U.S.
An increase in Senecavirus A (SVA) cases has the U.S. swine industry puzzled. More than 100 positive cases of SVA were reported across nine states in August to November 2015 — for no apparent reason.
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Insect protein for animal feed considered in EU

Recent changes to European regulations may be a sign that insect protein will soon be entering the animal feed market.
The edible insect sector was a buzz in late 2015 as the European Food Safety Authority published its first risk assessment on the use of insects for human and animal consumption, which states the risks involved with producing insect protein are similar to the risks involved with all animal protein.
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