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Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo

Austin Alonzo is a reporter at WATT Global Media. To contact Alonzo, email


Speak up: Slow-growing broilers are bad for the Earth

Teaming up with independent environmental organizations can help prove to consumers that slower growing broiler breeds aren’t the best choice for sustainable agriculture.
The poultry industry needs to focus its consumer-facing message on the environmental benefits of modern agriculture, before the activists strip that opportunity away.
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World Wildlife Fund launching egg sustainability study

The international conservation and sustainability organization will examine efficiency of various types of egg production.
The World Wildlife Fund, with support from U.S. egg farming groups, is launching a study to better understand the environmental impact of various types of egg production used around the globe.
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Calculating additional cage-free production costs

Cage-free egg production requires additional manpower and feed, but exactly how much? Experts offer their estimates.
Along with greater attention to bird management and environmental settings, cage-free egg production simply demands greater resources than conventional production. Quantifying exactly how much extra labor and feed is needed, however, isn’t that simple.
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10 forces shaping the future of agriculture

The future of agriculture is bright, thanks to emerging technology and innovative thinking. But, there will be challenges in achieving that vision.
The big question in agriculture is whether or not the world’s ever increasing population will be able to feed itself with ever dwindling resources. One forward thinker says the answer is yes, given that the world’s farmers can take advantage of the tools at their disposal.
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5 questions about cage-free hen health, welfare

Cage-free egg farming experts answer questions about mortality, stocking density, perching and food safety.
Cage-free egg production is quickly changing the egg industry and challenging farmers to elevate their bird management skills to achieve the best possible productivity.
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