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Worries about cage-free eggs reach India

Critics say if cage-free egg production is taken up in India, egg consumption will drop
Attendees at a session organized by India’s National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) and Vista Processed Foods were cautioned that if cage-free egg production reaches India, egg consumption would be apt to decline.
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Why consumers buy cage-free eggs may surprise you

Consumers view free-range and cage-free eggs as more nutritious and safer and are less concerned by the hen’s welfare than may have been thought.
A small Australian survey has found that consumers that buy free-range eggs are not solely motivated by hen welfare, but see positive benefits accruing to themselves though buying "happy eggs."
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Future of poultry welfare: What producers should expect

Attitudes to poultry welfare still vary greatly from market to market, but ever-more alignment can be expected as interest in animal welfare grows.
Poultry and egg producers can expect animal welfare pressures to increase as global companies will have more influence on the future of poultry welfare.
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Latest cage-free ventilation, lighting and litter tactics

Beyond new housing systems, cage-free egg farming requires farmers to change how they approach familiar elements in the house: ventilation, lighting and litter management.
Cage-free farming elevates the importance of aspects that were almost afterthoughts in a conventional house, augmenting the challenge of the transition.
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Michael Foods profit, net sales down in second quarter

Post Holdings segment's profit cut in half during quarter ending March 31, 2017
Michael Foods reported a segment profit of $42.7 million during the second quarter of the 2017 fiscal year, less than half of the $89.6 million profit reported during the second quarter of fiscal year 2016.
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