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Cal-Maine closes fourth quarter, fiscal year with losses

The US’ largest egg producer said exceptional market conditions combined with low egg prices are harming its bottom line.
Cal-Maine Foods Inc. ended its fourth quarter of its fiscal 2017, and its entire fiscal year, with a net loss, thanks to the prolonged effects of the US avian influenza outbreak among other factors.
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Poultry Africa 2017 to tackle continent’s changing needs

With growing middle class and more demand for poultry, African producers must keep pace
Because the middle class is growing quickly in Africa, food consumption patterns are changing. People are beginning to move away from a vegetable-based diet to a protein-based one.
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Reducing aggression and floor eggs in cage-free flocks

Cage-free egg farming experts suggest ways to avoid negative behaviors that reduce bird health and productivity.
Arguably the most difficult aspect of the transition to cage-free farming is the re-introduction of the dynamics of hen socialization and behavior to egg farming. Farmers now need to understand it and manage it in order to consistently achieve the healthiest and most productive flocks.
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Organic egg producer focuses on providing for community

Mid-States Specialty Eggs, an organic egg producer built around Mennonite farming families, rapidly became one of the nation’s largest organic egg producers, but providing livelihood for the community is its main goal.
A Missouri-based farming cooperative is quickly becoming a leader in the fast-growing organic egg business. Its leaders say its specialty egg business is more about preserving a way of life than anything else.
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National Food Corp. settles in egg price-fixing suit

Terms of the settlement were not disclosed
National Food Corp. and indirect purchasers have resolved allegations that National Food participated in a price-fixing conspiracy among egg producers, and has asked a federal court in Pennsylvania to dismiss the claims.
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