Information on global poultry, pig and animal feed markets.

Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Manufacturing animal feed takes raw agricultural ingredients, such as corn, wheat, sorghum, forage, vitamins, additives and minerals and formulates them into a nutritious feed tailored for a production animal’s specific dietary needs. Find the latest articles, news and analysis on livestock feed manufacturing from the editors of Feed International and Feed Management magazines.


Land O’Lakes to build feed facility in Virginia

Manufacturing plant will produce horse, cattle and other animal feed products
Land O’Lakes Inc. will build a state-of-the-art animal feed manufacturing facility in Roanoke, Virginia, with plans to open the facility in December 2018.
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Understanding broiler feed formulation pressure points

Formulating a broiler diet is perhaps the easiest possible exercise, but making it the least expensive and most profitable requires understanding pressure points.
A typical broiler formula can be constructed easily using only a handful of ingredients. Knowing the three most expensive nutrients in any feed, one can start understanding where the main pressure points are in feed formulation.
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Gut health additives: four possible future scenarios

What does the future hold for the business of gut health additives over the next decade?
Antibiotics are dead. Long live gut health additives! This could very well summarize the prognosis by any health or nutrition professional when pressed for a quick answer on the future of gut health additives in the years to come.
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ADM to expand animal nutrition capabilities in China

New feed premix plant and aquaculture capabilities in Xiangtan and Nanjing
Archer Daniels Midland Company continues to expand its animal nutrition footprint in China with the construction of a new feed premix facility in Xiangtan, Hunan Province, central China, and the addition of aquaculture feed production lines at its existing Nanjing complex in Jiangsu Province, eastern China.
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Weltec Biopower develops test to identify biogas inhibitors

Inhibitors must be identified before substances are transferred to digester
Together with renowned partners, the biological department of biogas specialist Weltec Biopower in Vechta, Germany, is developing a quick test for identifying inhibitors in biogas substrates.
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ForFarmers feed volumes up, revenue down in 2016

Lower raw material prices contributed to lower revenue
ForFarmers reported higher total feed volume in 2016, but lower revenues, mainly due to decreasing raw material prices, which are passed on, and translation effect of lower pound sterling, partly compensated by acquisitions.
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De Heus acquires Acorex in Spain

De Heus Nutrición Animal strengthens position on Spanish animal feed market
De Heus Nutrición Animal has acquired Agrupación de Cooperativas de Regadío de Extremadura (Acorex) in Spain, effective March 13. The acquisition will help De Heus increase its presence in the area of Extremadura and will help it build a leading position in the Spanish animal feed market.
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