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Livestock Feed Manufacturing

Manufacturing animal feed takes raw agricultural ingredients, such as corn, wheat, sorghum, forage, vitamins, additives and minerals and formulates them into a nutritious feed tailored for a production animal’s specific dietary needs. Find the latest articles, news and analysis on livestock feed manufacturing from the editors of Feed International and Feed Management magazines.


Using cassava as a global livestock feed ingredient

Known mostly for its starch-rich tubers, cassava is a plant that also offers many possibilities to provide other lesser-known feed ingredients.
Cassava is a plant that is very tolerant to poor growing conditions as it can be cultivated in regions suffering from poor soil, droughts and even frequent plant diseases.
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Explore 100 years of WATT publications

Infographic illustrates a century of WATT Global Media history
Throughout 2017, WATT Global Media is celebrating 100 years serving professionals working in global poultry production and processing, and the animal agriculture industry.
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Why bother with organic acid salts at all?

I have always used straight organic acids, but I keep receiving calls to use salts, and I am not sure I understand the reasoning behind these products.
I have my preferred blend of organic acids that changes according to the needs of the feed in question, but I have always used straight acids.
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