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County awarded $1.35 million for Mountaire feed mill

North Carolina Infrastructure awards grant to provide needed rail improvements for Mountaire Farms feed mill
cotland County, North Carolina, has been awarded a $1,350,000 grant to support the construction of 18,932 linear feet of rail siding to benefit Mountaire Farms’ feed mill to be located in the county.
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8 broiler feed tips to select the right fats, oils

Very young broilers cannot utilize all fats with the same efficiency as older broilers, whereas not all fats and oils provide the same amount of energy.
There are a good number of commercial sources of feed-grade lipids, being either fats (solid) or oils (liquid). In fact, there are so many varied products that selecting the right lipid source can be problematic.
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7 alternative vegetable protein sources for broilers

It is always worth considering an alternative protein source, especially when prices for conventional ingredients increase due to low availability or high demand.
There are minor, local sources of protein that can offer the benefits of volume and low prices. When such opportunity arises, broiler producers are enticed to use these alternative, protein-rich ingredients, but results are often disappointing.
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6 sources of poultry nutrition information

If you lack a degree in poultry nutrition, do not despair; the following list will help you get started — as long as you are not adverse to reading!
This list will provide you with enough information to communicate with a poultry nutrition expert at a more advanced level of understanding.
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Beginning of the end of antibiotics in poultry production?

Poultry industry must begin adapting to the demand for chicken raised without antibiotics, IPPE speaker says
For fifty years, the use of antibiotics have been a tried and true way of enhancing animal health, uniformity, and production efficacy in the poultry industry, said Brett Lumpkins, PhD, Southern Poultry Research.
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Industry Event

XX Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association

9/3/17 to 9/8/17
United Kingdom
XX Congress of the World Veterinary Poultry Association
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